It’s that time of week again …

It’s time for Wicked Wednesday!!!

Okay, so I totes wasn’t prepared and was rushing to figure out who to spotlight when I realized that I haven’t or haven’t in a long while (I’m not sure) talked about my Swedish hubby ūüôā

So today’s Wickedness is brought to you by former bad boy vampire – Alexander Skarsgard.¬† Enjoy!

Nice no?¬† Good now on to a quick update …

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Crushing Disappointment

So here I was all ready to wax poetic about the excitement leading up to Orlando’s MegaCon this weekend. I had prepurchased not one but TWO photo ops with actors I was SO excited to meet.

Now my excitement has turned to disappointment Рnot one but BOTH actors have canceled their appearances on the day I was to be there.  Seriously??? Ugh.

There are a couple of other actors I may want to see so I might be able to make the day worth it. I usually enjoy cons but having two cancellations in the space of three days was just really disappointing.

Now I need to hang all my hopes on New York Comic Con LOL.

On the plus side Madam Tussauds here in Orlando has just opened up a Justice League exhibit and I am planning on visiting so I can molest Henry Cavill without getting arrested. HA!

On the writing front, the story bible for the new series is pretty much complete. Now the fun begins as I begin to write ENCHANTMENT. Time to watch me slowly descend into madness ūüėČ

Oh, I do realize it’s Wednesday but I don’t have anyone wicked to share with you. I promise I will next week.

Until Next Time,

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Another Wednesday!

Okay so let’s get the wicked part of this Wednesday out of the way.¬† Today’s yummy has gotten a lot of shit over a bit of facial hair and while I am not really a fan of mustaches usually, I didn’t think his was half bad (compared to, let’s say, Chris Evans recent lip rug eek!).

It’s Henry Cavill!¬† Who just celebrated a birthday so Happy (Belated) Birthday Superman! Henry also shared the trailer for the new Mission Impossible movie coming out this July (and the reason for aforementioned mustache). It looks really good (as does he).

Now on to writing updates – This post won’t be as long as last week’s LOL.

I was all set to submit HOWL OF THUNDER to my current publisher, but I was told that unfortunately they aren’t accepting single title submissions at the moment and they’re not sure when they will.

This leaves me at a bit of a crossroads, I can wait until after summer when they might be accepting submissions again, OR I can self-publish it, OR I can try to find a new home for it and maybe the entire series.

Right now I am juggling my options there is a lot to think about with options 2 and 3.

In the meantime, the preparations for ENCHANTMENT are moving full steam ahead. Book bible¬†is done!¬† Character Sheets are prepped and inspiration has been found. I think all that’s left is, well, writing! Of course, I still have to print up everything and get a new binder for it all, but that shouldn’t stop the writing process.¬†

Well, there you have it! Until Next Time,



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It’s Wednesday!!

And it should be wicked … umm, I wasn’t planning on it, but let me find a pic …

There ya go – I thought I had done an Evans hottie post, but I hadn’t so here ya go.

Actually, this ties in with what I was going to post about anyway. No, it’s not about #cockygate – that’s been talked about to DEATH and it’s everywhere on the net so I’m not going to rehash it here and give anyone more press. Not sure why I would think Chris Evans would bring up #cockygate maybe because¬†of the word … gate? Hmm, maybe? No?

Moving on …

So I know I’ve been saying book 3 of the Dark Wolf Series is done and almost ready to be submitted annnnd¬†– it is LOL. I think it’s probably going out next week (fingers crossed). That said, I¬† have¬†also¬†mentioned that I am researching for the next series, a steamy regency. Annnnd while that also remains true, I don’t think it will be the next series I write ugh.

As you know if you’ve been reading the blog, I am going to take part in a common elements romance project. I thought it would be a fun challenge to keep me busy until I finished researching and outlining the new series. Well … what had happened was … we received what are going to be our common elements this week – 5 things that each story regardless of genre had to have – and before we got them I tried to think up how I could write a novella that would tie into the Dark Wolf books and I was okay finding a way to tie them all together into that world when suddenly one of the elements threw a wrench into it.

So I thought, “Okay, I’ll write something new with ties to nothing.”¬†But that was when a character from a previous short story said: “I know how you can make this work AND tie it into a series that you want to write.” So, I’ve decided that this next story will be a part of my Boudoirs and Broomsticks series. If you’re thinking “What’s that?” well, it’s the series I may have mentioned in passing as the witches books. The first story in that series was a short I wrote in the Time Out of Darkness¬†anthology a couple of years ago.

Also, the common elements project was supposed to be short stories and since the initial idea was hatched it has now grown into a however long story you want to write. So, while I am still probably going for about 50k, I won’t worry if it grows substantially longer. Again, it’s not due for release until November 2019 so I have until at least June of next year to write it, edit it, get a cover done and have it all ready for release by November (yes, it will be available in ebook AND print).

So how does Chris Evans factor into all this? Well, he’s the inspiration for my hero. You know a regular guy from Massachusetts (which thank god for spellcheck because I cannot spell it for the life of me). I know what you’re thinking HE’S a regular guy? Sure, why not? Have you seen him in interviews? Sure he’s got an above average body when he’s playing Cap, but when he’s not he’s just really fit. So yes, regular guy from Massachusetts (I am going to learn to spell this really quickly, I hate that red line of nopeness).

I have an overall¬†plotline for the story (yeah!) and I even have a title – which let’s face it, is probably¬†one of my biggest issues when it comes to writing. I cannot title for shit. That said, I suppose I should announce that my next project will be called …


It’s a paranormal with witches in the world of SPELLBOUND and will lead into the trilogy – BEWITCHED, BOTHERED, AND BEWILDERED – yes I went there. And once again the series is called BOUDOIRS AND BROOMSTICKS. Yes, this is me laying claim to my ideas so no one can come and … well, I guess #cockygate has gotten to me. Whatevs …

This doesn’t mean the Regency will be forgotten about, I will still research it as I write this one and it will go into the rotation of stories I plan to write – and I promise the 4th Wolf book will be in there too.

This turned out to be a much longer blog than I intended. Thanks for sticking with me.

Until Next Time,

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May The Fourth Be With You

It’s not a Star Wars post – I just needed a title for the blog and as it is Star Wars Day I thought why not?

Actually, this is more of an update blog – something really quick with no pictures attached – sorry LOL.

So let’s get to it …

First I want to say that if you can tell an author you like their work DO IT, it really does make a difference. I was told this past week that someone my cousin works with has heard of me and likes my books. It surprised me, it made my day, but most importantly it gives me an extra push to want to write more. Sometimes you wonder if anyone likes what you do, writing is really done in a vacuum and without hearing from anyone it can be a little bit disappointing. So, if you like a book, let the author know it. Now on to the fun stuff …

HOWL OF THUNDER is currently with Beta Readers so I’m waiting to hear back from them as far as tone and such, meanwhile, I am going through it one final time and editing out various things – just another quick pass through – I will be submitting it later this month (wish me luck!)

Research for the next series is still ongoing (albeit slowly), but I’ve managed to get a rough idea on plots for the series as well as characters.¬† I should be putting the story/world bible together soon and once that happens writing will quickly follow – I’m hoping to start this one in late summer (research takes time LOL).

While I research though, I did find a great opportunity on Twitter. There was a call to authors to collaborate on a Common Elements Series so I signed up to see what it was about. Turns out a LOT of other authors did the same. It does sound like it’s going to be fun. There will be TONS of short stories available where there will be common threads throughout – and there will be an amazing amount of genres to go through. Some are writing paranormals, some historical, some contemporary and everything in between.¬† The stories aren’t due until November 2019 so it gives me PLENTY of time to figure out what my story will be about and get it written ha! I will probably work on this before the new series.¬† Another plus is a few of my writer friends have also signed up so I’ll have people to bounce ideas off of. It should be a fun outing for all involved.

I think that’s all the updates I have for now – I’m really excited to be working on new projects and just writing again in general.¬† I hope you are as well.

Until Next Time,


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Wicked Wednesday Is Here Again

Hey lookie here, I’ve managed to get a Wicked Wednesday post up on time!

And because I haven’t done a real one in a few weeks I am going to give you a twofer.¬† In honor of the fact that I will be headed to MegaCon here in Orlando (in advance of hoping to get to go to NY Comic Con in October – so much fun!) I am going to feature the two amazing actors (and let’s face it – pretty damn hot) actors I am going to meet.

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It’s Avengers Week

Are you a fan of comic book movies? I LOVE them!¬† And in all honesty I will say I like a certain studio’s movies better than the other. However, I will sit and watch both – I own movies from both – it’s just that one is slightly lighter than the other.

I will say I can watch shirtless Henry Cavill for HOURS – and I probably have – he’s a great Superman and to be completely honest and not such a horndog – I’ve actually watched fully clothed Henry Cavill for hours too so there! I LOVED Wonder Woman – it was like a dream come true to see her on the big screen and my 5 year old, running around in underoos, self had a blast watching it annnnd I will even admit to having a great time watching Justice League (though it needed MORE shirtless, angry Cavill amirite? … Just me? Okay moving on …)

However, my heart and my cash have unrelentingly gone to Marvel. I will admit I wasn’t a huge Iron Man fan – in fact I hadn’t seen Iron Man before moving to Florida and going to see Iron Man 2 with my brother and his family (we watched the first one on DVD before going to the movies to see #2) – and again admittedly I wasn’t completely bowled over – but I liked it. Since then, the movies have gotten better and better and by the time Captain America: The First Avenger came along I was in it for the good (Cap) and bad (Thor 2) and everything in between (Hello a talking Racoon?).

So now it’s come to this – 10 years and one HUGE movie that is everywhere. I’ve been doing Avengers week on Facebook – highlighting one character a day until Friday when the movie opens for everyone.¬† I started with Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and today put up Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange). Tomorrow it may be one of the Chris’s or Anthony Mackie, I’m not sure, but I will probably end the week on Sebastian Stan (Bucky). On my personal page I have threatened anyone who would dare spoil this for me, and am pretty much staying far away from anything related to the film. I want to go into this knowing NOTHING.

So, are you excited for this? Just meh? Are you a Marvel fan or does your heart belong to DC? Let me know.  

For now, I’ll be hiding under a rock – keeping busy with reading and researching the next book until I can go see the movie for myself ūüėČ

Until Next Time,

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I was doing so well ….

Well not really, but for a quick moment there I was actually posting pretty regularly. Alas, like most things I fell off the wagon and I know I say it’s because I’m writing – well editing – but it was true, I promise.

In fact, I can now announce that Howl of Thunder the 3rd story in the Dark Wolf Series has been finished (for the fourth time) and is now in the hands of some beta readers. That’s right I typed THE END. It’s officially done! I’m hoping to get some feedback soon so I can tweak anything that doesn’t make sense and just clean it up a bit. I am crossing fingers that the wait was worth it, this one turned out to be the longest story in the series so far :).

If all goes well, the book will be submitted in May and I hope to have an answer about it in the early months of the summer.

In the meantime, I am continuing my research into the Regency and getting that all set up and I am reading for pleasure – something I haven’t done in AGES.¬†

Well that’s my short, but sweet update. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Until Next Time,


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Late as always

So I haven’t done a Wicked Wednesday post since St. Patrick’s Day, but I have good reason … I’m actively working on getting the final, I mean latest Benandanti book finished!

I’m about 2 chapters from the final rewrite edits and then I’ll have a read through to polish it up before it goes to Betas and being submitted to my publisher and hopefully accepted.

In the meantime I have been ALSO researching the next series which I will start once this book is off to the publisher. I’m very excited about this series, which is good because I write better (and faster) when the story excites me. If you follow me on social media you will see I’ve bought a vulgar language dictionary – which if I am being honest I thought meant dirty, but I forgot that vulgar in the regency period just meant more common – not there aren’t euphemisms in there, follow me to find out each week when I post a random word and its meaning. I’ll post more about the research part as I get to plotting and writing this one (SOON!).

My plan after writing that book is to plot the next Benandanti book which I can say will be Dante’s story – my High Alpha needs some love too and his heroine plays a minor part in this next book.¬† I hope you like her.

I will be going back and forth after that. The regency series is slated for 3 books and I think I have maybe 3 or 4 more wolf books – I’m not sure, I might combine two into one book.¬† After that?¬† Who knows? I do have a witch series that I want to write which is connected to my short story in the Time Out of Darkness Anthology and a contemporary series which is connected to The Second Time Around. So I don’t have a shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time – but I promise to make more of it.

Well I guess that’s all I have as far as updates go.

Until Next Time!!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a bonus hunk day!

Pull up a chair, have some corned beef and cabbage and pour yourself a pint of green beer because coming at you are some of my favorite Irish actors …… Ready?

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