The Second Time Around ~

  • I loved this new contemporary story from an author who is known for her paranormal werewolves. Nothing paranormal here – it is brilliantly written, showing what a talent Amanda Jayde is.  – Donya, Dayreader Reviews
  • A super cute story that is very hot all over the place. Literally. A quick, easy read that flows nicely. – Canadian Rebel, TDC Book Reviews

Beneath the Blood Moon~

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading Beneath the Blood Moon by Amanda Jayde for several reasons.  … the author wrote the dialogue as I would imagine a Scotsman would speak … The plot moved along at a decent pace … There was no shortage of action … The motivations behind each character’s actions were believable and understandable … – Tanya, The Romance Studio
  • Werewolves are in a lot of books and not a lot of authors bother to write something unique, but Ms. Jayde’s take on the myth is original, believable, and really interesting.   I thought that this book was awesome and loved reading it. I wanted to read it again right after I finished it. – Llaph, Coffee Time Romance
  • This book kept building up to the end for a heart stopping ended that had me overjoyed, sad, and extremely excited to read the epilogue. – Amy M., Dayreader Reviews

Dark Moon Rising ~

  • Amanda Jayde is the new voice for shapeshifter novels. Exciting, raw passion and adventure! – Reader’s Entertainment Group
  • Dark Moon Rising is a well crafted tale of new love, and a bright beginning to a new series sure to take shifter fans everywhere by storm. – Michelle, The Romance Reviews (TRR)
  • It is a fantastic story filled with love, loyalty, passion, deceit, betrayal, werewolves, and magic. Ms. Jayde hooks you at the beginning and keeps you hooked until the very last word. This book takes family ties and loyalty to an entirely new level. – Beth, Coffee Time Romance and more
  • This is an exciting and action packed story of a man who comes face to face with his heritage and has to decide whether to embrace it or go back to his old life. The author has created a complete and interesting society in the Benandanti clan. – Maura F, The Romance Studio
  • Amanda Jayde gives us an amazing story with Dark Moon Rising. The characters are very well written and helping you to feel their emotions which will pull you right into the story. It has action, romance and mystery all rolled into one story, one that is definitely a keeper. – Zollyanna, Night Owl Reviews
  •  Very original and very sexy. I can’t wait to read the next book in this exciting series. I’m giving this new to me paranormal a howling 4-stars! – Donya, Dayreader Reviews