Beneath the Blood Moon – This Book is Currently Unavailable

Book 2


Celtic History Professor, Rhiannon Connelly, has been searching for her best friend since he vanished.  When she finds a strange note tucked away in a newspaper that promises answers, she heads off to Scotland.  Once there, she finds a secluded village and a strangely secretive group of people lead by a tall, dark and handsome stranger.

Cameron Tapaire is the Alpha of a secret pack of werewolves.  Wary of Rhiannon and unsure of what her connection is to the attacks on his people, he has her brought to his home, things get complicated when his marking responds to the human woman making her his mate.

Locked away with the Benandanti, Rhiannon must accept there is a section of the world she knew nothing about, but the more she learns, the more she understands the clan and its overbearing Alpha while Cameron is faced with the challenges of another Alpha in his home, a human woman who cannot protect herself and the threat that can destroy them all.

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