Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a bonus hunk day!

Pull up a chair, have some corned beef and cabbage and pour yourself a pint of green beer because coming at you are some of my favorite Irish actors …… Ready?

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It’s Time for Wicked Wednesday …

I hope everyone up north weathered this last storm with no damage and the least amount of trouble possible. I can honestly say the only thing I miss about living in New York are snow days – and to be honest, they weren’t given as freely as they are now. I remember having to get to school on blizzard days (sometimes for an hour before they sent us home LOL).

That said, I hope that you find this post warms your heart, toes and whatever else needs some warming up.

Today’s Wicked Wednesday hunk is someone I could have SWORN I would have posted about before, alas I have not. If you follow my Pinterest boards you’d have seen him on the inspiration board for Howl of Thunder and since I am working REALLY hard on that MS, I figured I’d feature the actor I am using as inspiration for the hero, Niko.

images (1)I’d first seen Steve Bacic in the early 2000s on the show Andromeda. There, he played Telemachus Rhade (and his great, great, great, great grandfather Gaheris – seriously, it’s all timey wimey stuff) a genetically engineered humanoid species that had bone blades sticking out of his forearms. I know it sounds weird, but trust me he made it work.

More recently, he can be seen on the ongoing Hallmark Movies series The Garage Sale Mysteries, playing Lori Loughlin’s very understanding husband, Jason.


However, if you’ve never seen him on either one of those shows, you might know him downloadfrom his varied guest appearances on several prominent television shows such as: NCIS: Los Angeles, Arrow, When Calls the Heart, Smallville, Big Love, Battlestar Galactica, & one of my other favorites Stargate. Or maybe from some of the movies he’s been in like The 6th Day, or X-Men 2 (where he played Hank McCoy pre-Kelsey Grammer).

So, I chose him for Niko for a few reasons, firstly he’s of Croatian decent and though nationality really doesn’t play into how I get inspired by actors, it helped that he and my hero share that trait. Next, c’mon the man is sex on legs – he’s sexy as all get out, as I hope are all my heroes. And lastly, I actually met him (years and years and years ago at a con) and he’s funny and sweet –  I’m sure I have a picture of the two of us somewhere LOL – at his panel he actually had a Black Lace Novel – Black Lace was one of the first erotic imprints of a major publisher – which he said he would read from if the panel got boring LOL. How could I not make him a hero?

So there you have it Wicked Wednesday’s hunk of the week and future hero … Steve Bacic.


Until Next Time,

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Of Researching, Editing, and Finding That Perfect Title

Well I couldn’t let a week go without blogging about something, so I figured I would just sort of check in and let you know where I’m at. I know I missed Wicked Wednesday, I promise to bring it back next week.

First of all, I am continuing to edit book 3 of the wolves – have I said what the title of that is? I’m sure I have – well, in case I haven’t it is THE HOWL OF THUNDER – I guess I can stop calling it book 3. I am hoping to make a huge dent in it this weekend as I don’t have anything planned except cleaning out my closet and tidying up my bathroom (woohoo – yeah that’s sarcasm). I will be blasting music from my Amazon Echo (providing Alexa doesn’t laugh at me – creepy) and dancing my way through my chores before immersing myself in Croatia and Italy with the ladies and gents of the Benandanti.

On the research front, if you follow me on Facebook and really you should (click the link) I posted a pic of the book I’m currently researching from. But if you don’t follow me, here it is:27867317_1750499808314020_6600353672894686516_n

I am researching Regency England for my next series.  The book now is filled with pink highlight and lots of small tags – it looks like a porcupine LOL.  I am a HUGE fan of Historical Romance and I don’t really ever write it, unless you count the copious amounts of Fan Fiction I’ve written which takes in the 1860’s.  Of course 1860’s American West is very different from 1812ish England so I need to sit and dedicate myself to learning as much as I can about it. I LOVE research, I really do. So if the editing is going a little slower than I’d like it’s because I am also trying to research the next series which I will then alternate writing between the wolves.

I am very excited about the new series which I hope means that I will write it a lot faster than I have in the past.  Part of my prewriting ritual also consists of finding who the characters are and looking for that perfect inspiration for them.  That means tons of time spent on the net searching for pictures and when I know that I want to write 3 books that means 3 sets of couples and the various people around them. Of course I don’t search for pics for EVERYBODY because that’s just tooooo much, well I could, but I really need to do other stuff too. However, it means pinning to Pinterest!  Right now, because the books aren’t written, I have my boards private, but they are full of handsome men and pretty women all ready to inspire me to write their stories. You can see some of my other inspiration boards right now if you click the link (there’s also tons of other stuff I like – go see how random I can be).

Part of researching means I’ll have to get my World Bible together – it’s a binder filled with Character Notes, ideas, research items, etc.  It’s one of the best things ever! My Benandanti bible has everything I need to know in there including – the end of the series. Of course a lot of what I wrote in there initially has changed soooo who can say if the ending will remain?

This also means that I need to find titles, I am one of those weird writers who titles my stories before writing them and woe to me if I can’t find a title, because I can’t write. It’s not that I refuse to write, it is I just cannot do it. I drift and my concentration is nonexistent. I spent a large chunk of my free time this week trying to find not only a series title for the regency stories, but book titles as well. I am TERRIBLE at this, it is the bane of my existence – well this and writing query letters and submitting – but that’s all post writing when the hard part is done, amiright?

A friend said titles are the gateway drug to your story, isn’t that great? And she’s right (And she’s a writer, Reina Torres go read her, seriously, she’s GOOD). I think that’s why I put so much pressure on myself to get the perfect one – well perfect for me anyway. I can’t just start writing without a title, how am I supposed to save it? Regency 1, that just will not do, especially since I save chapter by chapter as well as the story as a whole so Regency 1 could mean chapter 1 and then what would I do, Regency 1 1? Regency Book 1 Chap 1? It’s just odd to me, so I’d rather have a title – ex. Howl of Thunder is saved as HOT (Heh) and HOT1, HOT2 … see? Sometimes I think if I just write it then maybe something in the book will inspire a title, but we go back to that small problem of not being able to write it without a title, see? Yeah, it’s weird.

Luckily, I’ve managed to find that elusive Series title AND the book titles for all three stories and while one may change, I am happy with it for now and that’s all I need to continue on.

Boy, this post has run longer than I thought – babble babble on that’s me.

So that’s all for now, until next time!

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The return of Wicked Wednesday

Well I promised to do more blogging, even if it was just for silly stuff and I’ve tried to do at least 1 blog per week. I think I’m doing pretty well, don’t you?

So here we are another week another post.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about and I realized that I hadn’t done a Wicked Wednesday post in a really long while sooooo, here we go!

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Happy Valentine’s … GALentine’s … Single’s Awareness Day …

Or maybe you just call it Wednesday?

Whatever you call it, I hope it’s a great day for you and that you are loved in every way.

Me? Well I’ll be celebrating it as I usually do, with a good book and / or movie.  More than likely I’ll be watching a couple of movies tonight before bed. Will I do romantic orrrrr not, I really don’t know. I did watch Circle of Friends for the first time in YEARS last night, so maybe I’ll watch a really sappy love story oh! Better yet, I may do Jane Austen! Yeah that’s what I’ll do – I have a copy of Persuasion that I haven’t seen in ages and it stars Rupert Penry-Jones (MI-5) as Captain Wentworth and Sally Hawkins as Anne Elliot – Sidebar, I’ve just seen Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water, if you haven’t seen it and enjoy a fantasy, adult fairy tale go and watch it. I saw it with my mom who has very peculiar tastes in movies and she LOVED it. I have loved Guillermo Del Toro for years and this was gorgeous.

As for book three oooooooh book three, Niko and Rebeka are a pain in the ass.  LOL. Seriously, I have rewritten this no less than 4 times and I am knee deep in another rewrite, so there’s that, but every time I change something I feel like the story gets that much better – or at least I hope it does heh.

I am ALSO, starting to research my next book – I’m going to take a little hiatus from the Benandanti – just for a book – then I’ll go back because the next book in that series will be Dante’s and I can’t wait for his story to be told. The next series will be a regency romance – I love reading regencies so I think I will enjoy writing one too. I will say I am loving the research!

And FINALLY, in the vein of Persuasion and second chances. For the next four days (2/14/18 – 2/18/18) The Second Time Around is FREE on Kindle – so if you don’t have a copy yet, why not pick it up and spend Valentine’s on a Caribbean island with a couple getting a second chance at love?

Thanks for Reading, Have a HAPPY VALENTINE’S Day!

Until Next Time,

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It’s A Small World After All …..

Sing it with me!

It’s a world of laughter a world of …. Sorry if it’s stuck in your head, but today I am blogging about vacations! I am a Disney Vacation Club member – if you’re not sure of what that is, it’s basically Disney’s version of a timeshare. Let me just get this out of the way I LOVE DISNEY. Love the parks, love the company, love, love, love it.

I share my membership with my parents and we usually do Disney vacations every 2 years or so, because we have a set number of points and we usually have a large party that requires us to bank and borrow points from year to year.

How big a party you ask …. well there can be somewhere between 9 to 12 of us all said. This year we will be heading to the beach!  Disney’s Vero Beach Villas to be exact, but that’s not what this post is about, nope. This is about perks!

Part of being part of Disney’s Vacation Club means that we get perks that regular people don’t get. For the last 2 years one of these perks has been Moonlight Magic. This is a time when the park is open just to DVC members. They have dance parties, meet and greets with characters you don’t usually see, special fireworks, and treats.

The first Moonlight Magic event of this year was held at Magic Kingdom (we attended just last Sunday, January 28), and I was fortunate enough to go with my three nephews (ages 23, 17, and 13), My eldest nephew’s fiance and the newest member of my family my grandnephew who will be 2 in April.

There is nothing like seeing the park through the eyes of a wee one. He is just recognizing the characters and to see him get excited to meet “mouse”, “Donawd”, and “Daishy” was the highlight of what was a pretty wet night.

The forecast called for rain all night and it wasn’t wrong – luckily the rain was more annoying than torrential so we braved it. The good thing was the weather may have kept some people away so what is normally a light night, was even lighter so very little wait for the rides.

We rode almost everything we wanted to, like Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Track, Winnie the Pooh, and It’s A Small World (much to the boys chagrin – but hey the baby LOVED it). The food at the event was plentiful and FREE.  Magic Kingdom offers hot dogs, chicken nuggets, veggie burgers, soft drinks, cookies, apple slices, chips and Premium Mickey Bars – and it’s all you can eat.

As I said the highlight this go round was going to the character meet and greets – Oogie Boogie was there, Moana, Tiana and Naveen,, Chip and Dale and of course the core group as well as many, many more.

The next event will be held in Animal Kingdom in the spring and I am hoping to go again so my mom can see Pandora – if I do look for photos and a recap of that event.

What fun things do you do with your family? Any special Disney memories? Let me know!

Until Next Time,


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Full Blue Blood Moon

Did you get to see the Full Blue Blood Moon?

I did not LOL, only because I forgot.  However, did you know that I have a book called Beneath a Blood Moon?

Book 2

If you didn’t well now you do, of course it has nothing to do with a celestial phenomenon, but it is pretty steamy and it’s a pretty great love story, if I do say so myself. So why don’t you pick up a copy?

And if you own it already, why not leave me a review?

What other Moon books have you read?

Until Next Time,

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New Artwork … New Inspiration

Okay so I originally had this post in the works waaaaaaay back in April and I never posted it, so … here you go LOL

I love different types of art and I came into the possession of one that I really like, and the artwork does not feature Tom Hiddleston, Richard Armitage OR Benedict Cumberbatch ….

No, I am not ill.

It’s actually a print from an artist that I really like.  She has some artwork for sale here in Florida at Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and every time I visit I like to go into the store to see her work.

thumbnailHer name is Jasmine Becket-Griffith and you can check out her site here.  She has some artwork for sale on her site. The piece I bought is entitled … Wolf Moon.  C’mon you KNOW I had to at least look at the piece and I was not disappointed.

Of COURSE I had to buy a print.  It’s gorgeous and it stirs up some inspiration for me which I need so I can get this 3rd book done.  I’ve actually gone back to reread what I’d rewritten and deleted … well cut a huge chunk from it so I went from being 90% done to back to around 70%, but I’m hoping that I am making it that much better.

thumbnail (1)Now that I have it, I will probably put it on my desk beside another print that I have by Fortin & Sanders, they do amazing fine artwork used in romance novels and calendars, it too is GORGEOUS and if you’ve read my wolves this is one of the inspirational pieces I use for Marco and Bellaserra. (Sorry for the funky pick but I took it off a frame LOL).

So there you have it, a bit late, but it’s never forgotten. If you like the work, check out both Jasmine Beckett-Griffith and Fortin & Sanders works on the web.

Until Next Time,

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New York Comic Con (One More Time)

Day 2!

Day two dawned bright and beautiful – it’s always a good day when I wake up in my hometown. We made the trek into the city from Brooklyn excited with expectation that this was the day we would meet Mark Hamill.

A little backstory as I digress, you see, Star Wars is one of my most favorite movies, in the 90’s when there was a resurgence of the universe with the books, I read them religiously, my first ever written piece of fiction was a Star Wars love story featuring one Mr. Luke Skywalker. So yes, I was a tad excited (okay VERY).

Anywho, we made our way into the convention center with that one goal for the day, oh! And our photo op with Jason Isaacs was going to happen that day too! So, color me doubly excited. This was also the day I was going to find John Leguizamo and Darryl McDaniels to get my comics LOL.

As we entered the Javits there was a crowd gathered on the 2nd floor – usually that means there is something phenomenal happening and I was not disappointed. There standing in the center of the crowd was a model in the most amazingly beautiful dress I had EVER seen … just take a look after the jump …

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New York Comic Con (Finally!)

Day One.

Well I’m slightly late with this but what can I say, I am a terrible blogger, however as promised here is my rundown at NYCC this past October (Complete with photos!)

So, my saga begins earlier in the year, I applied to go to Comic Con as a Pro – not sure if I’d actually get it, but I DID! And the notification couldn’t have happened at a better time, let me tell you, it really did a lot for my self-esteem. That said, a few weeks later the lovely people at Reed Pop (who handle everything) sent out an email holding lotteries for some of the more popular events, of course I entered a bunch, not thinking I’d get any – because I NEVER win anything, but ya know what? I did win!  Well one, but it was a fantastic panel win and that leads me to day one ….

Getting to NY was an adventure – not because of anything travel related, more because of my situation I had just started a new job 3 weeks before, but my boss was okay with it (as I let them know well in advance of them actually hiring me – I was NOT missing out LOL). There were no adventures in seeing a life-size Cap statue this year (See my adventures last year for that) or getting a chance to see one of my favorite actors in a play … but still fun was to be had.

We did two days this year, as my friend Charina and her two kids Solon and Stefi had only gotten 2 day passes – kind of bummed they did away with combo packs but it is what it is – we made the MOST of those 2 days. As far as plans went we only had one MUST DO on the list and that was getting to see Mark Hamill … and we did. After getting our chance to meet Carrie Fisher last year, this was a high priority for us – but alas that happened day 2.

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