Well, it has been a minute hasn’t it?

Last time I checked in we were firmly in spring and now here we are at the tail end of summer. I have not been flaking though – nope I have been working diligently … okay not VERY diligently, but I try.

I did make my May 20 deadline of the first edit of Beguiled (Woohoo) it’s just taken another 2 months of rewriting and editing and more tweeking and editing to get it to the point where it is now – which is one more final pass before I can officially put it to bed and start the formatting process for ebook and print. So I am just about on track for where I should be to make the October 29 release date.

I was also spending time tweeking the cover for the book and making sure it was just the way I wanted. I am also learning how to use Photoshop Elements so I can make even better covers going forward and I am having a BLAST with it. Wait have I revealed the cover here on the blog? Oh Jeez ….


As the summer started to come to an end, I was looking forward to attending a con and celebrating my birthday on the west coast. Unfortunately the convention was cancelled at the last minute – still I made the trip (I had the plane ticket so might as well) and I went to Disneyland. Not only that, but I had planned the trip to coincide with a chance to see Tom Hiddleston star in a broadway production (more on that in an upcoming post) and I was NOT giving that up.

So now I am back home and ready for this final readthrough and I hope no more major changes to the story. As for Bewitched, I haven’t really written much more on it, I am about 4.5 chapters in though and I think it’s a pretty solid beginning. I am loving this world and these characters and I cannot WAIT for you to meet them.

So, I suppose that’s all I have for now. Keep a lookout for my recap on Operation Hiddleston (as we call it) and for information on preordering Beguiled if you like.

Until Next Time,

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