Well it’s been a long time coming, My first new release post new job and a period in my life where I really didn’t think I’d do anything new despite the fact that I love to write and share stories.

The Common Elements Romance Project came up and I thought why not? I’d had an idea for a series about witches and I had a trilogy planned out. This was the perfect opportunity to write a short novella prequel. Well that was the thought going in. You see the Common Elements Project was originally going to be novellas – which for me is a challenge in itself – I mean I’ve done it before (with another witch story that is related to this series) but I tend to be long winded – as this particular blog post is proving … I’ll get back on track.

Now my novella is a novel and I love these characters and I hope you do too. On that train of thought I do have a couple of reviews:
1st Elvira rated it 5 stars on Goodreads – You can read her review here.

2nd I was reviewed on Coffee Time Romance by Delane 4 cups! You can read the review here and if you’d like to join in on the conversation you can also do it on the review page.

You can add your own thoughts on Beguiled here

So now I’ve done all I can done and I put the story out into the world. As I’ve said, I really do love this story and I hope you do too. And I REALLY can’t wait to finish the next book in the series BEWITCHED.

Until Next Time,

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