Happy 2020!

Yes I know I haven’t been on but I do have a newsletter now that goes out monthly so I’ve been keeping updates going that way. However, in case you haven’t signed up (and why not I do giveaways there) you can do so here. And now for a quick rundown of what’s going on.

Beguiled is OUT – Thanks to everyone who has purchased it and special thanks to those who have left reviews – I always appreciate it.

Bewitched is finished (Thank you NaNoWriMo) and I have begun the editing process on it – I’m looking to a summer release for it.

Following Bewitched will be Bothered – While I was on break in December I started the character outlines for this book and will be outlining the book as I edit Bewitched – if all goes to plan I will begin writing Bothered in the Spring for a winter release (look at me being all proactive!)

Then for Spring of 2021 I hope to have the final book in the Boudoirs and Broomsticks series available – that one is titled Bewildered.

Backlist books:
If you haven’t read my newsletter, then you probably don’t know that Liquid Silver Books who own the rights to Dark Moon Rising and Beneath the Blood Moon has ceased operations. I am attempting to get the rights back to these books but because the closing of the company was due to a death and the company is now in probate, this is proving difficult. I ask then that if anyone is looking to purchase these books in ebook format please hold off on doing so until this is resolved. The plan will be once I get my rights back I will probably update them and rerelease them independantly. This means that book 3 will be coming as well.

I have no timeline on this especially since I have the B&B books in my queue to write (with another series to follow) so we shall see. First things first – getting those rights back.

I think that’s it for now. Until Next Time

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