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A Boudoirs & Broomsticks Story

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A Howl of Thunder

Book 3 in the Dark Wolf Series

Rebeka Vuletić was Alpha to the Thunder Moon Clan, a title that never should have been hers.  She was second born, her twin Andro should have rightly held the position, but Andro was dead and Rebeka was mated to his murderer.

Niko had challenged the weaker man to a melee.  The Thunder Moon clan needed a strong leader, especially now in their time of war with the Malandanti.  He had won the title, but what good was it when the only woman you ever wanted hated your very existence?

Now in the midst of a great war, with the threat of Malandanti around them and aligned with the other clans can Niko convince Rebeka of his true feelings for her and can she ever forgive him for his past actions?

Then Came You

Crispin Montgomery was the darling of the tabloids, a role he carefully cultivated.  Happy to be known as the Montgomery brother who preferred hard partying to hard work, he reveled in the spotlight, after all, any publicity was good publicity and keeping the focus on him kept it off of his failing construction company.

Seanna O’Malley wanted success at any cost, even if it meant she spent most Saturday nights pouring over spreadsheets and client profiles rather than dinner and drinks.  She didn’t mind, the last thing she had time for was fickle men who were only out for a good time.  Now she had the best opportunity to date – a shot at the biggest construction company to hit New York City.  She didn’t expect to have to deal with the playboy as well.

A weekend spent living in the past forges a path to the future that neither could have ever imagined. Deals will be made and mergers will take shape in both the boardroom and the bedroom as the playboy and the professional join forces.

Romancing the Rogues Regency Series

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