Here we go again

So in my quest to become a more prolific writer I’ve decided to try to write one/edit one so while I edit Beguiled, I have also decided to give in to the nagging muse that was telling me to hurry up and write the next book in the series.

I usually don’t start on a new book until the last one is set and ready to go – which might explain why I’m so slow. Then it usually takes me a month to research and write out a rudimentary plot for it – which really means nothing as I usually divert from the initial plot anyway. However this time I’ve only done a bit of research for the book – it’s not too bad since this book is in the same universe as Beguiled so a lot of the town details and such I already have written in my story bible.

This also means that I will be researching as I go and when I say research I don’t mean diving deep into details … wait yes I do, but it also includes finding names for the shops three of the characters own (especially since they’re next in the order of things), finding out what kinds of chemistry experiments a high school student could do for a final project, researching house layouts and sometimes really mundane things like what kind of motorcyle my hero drives – even if I never mention more than the make, I need to know the model and the color LOL. What i hope this does is make it more real for me so I can make it more real for you.

I am also trying to keep a journal, maybe if I can see where in the process I tend to get derailed, I can head it off in the next one.

I guess that’s it for now, keep an eye on this space to see at what point I crack …

Until Next Time,

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