May The Fourth Be With You

It’s not a Star Wars post – I just needed a title for the blog and as it is Star Wars Day I thought why not?

Actually, this is more of an update blog – something really quick with no pictures attached – sorry LOL.

So let’s get to it …

First I want to say that if you can tell an author you like their work DO IT, it really does make a difference. I was told this past week that someone my cousin works with has heard of me and likes my books. It surprised me, it made my day, but most importantly it gives me an extra push to want to write more. Sometimes you wonder if anyone likes what you do, writing is really done in a vacuum and without hearing from anyone it can be a little bit disappointing. So, if you like a book, let the author know it. Now on to the fun stuff …

HOWL OF THUNDER is currently with Beta Readers so I’m waiting to hear back from them as far as tone and such, meanwhile, I am going through it one final time and editing out various things – just another quick pass through – I will be submitting it later this month (wish me luck!)

Research for the next series is still ongoing (albeit slowly), but I’ve managed to get a rough idea on plots for the series as well as characters.  I should be putting the story/world bible together soon and once that happens writing will quickly follow – I’m hoping to start this one in late summer (research takes time LOL).

While I research though, I did find a great opportunity on Twitter. There was a call to authors to collaborate on a Common Elements Series so I signed up to see what it was about. Turns out a LOT of other authors did the same. It does sound like it’s going to be fun. There will be TONS of short stories available where there will be common threads throughout – and there will be an amazing amount of genres to go through. Some are writing paranormals, some historical, some contemporary and everything in between.  The stories aren’t due until November 2019 so it gives me PLENTY of time to figure out what my story will be about and get it written ha! I will probably work on this before the new series.  Another plus is a few of my writer friends have also signed up so I’ll have people to bounce ideas off of. It should be a fun outing for all involved.

I think that’s all the updates I have for now – I’m really excited to be working on new projects and just writing again in general.  I hope you are as well.

Until Next Time,


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