It’s Wednesday!!

And it should be wicked … umm, I wasn’t planning on it, but let me find a pic …

There ya go – I thought I had done an Evans hottie post, but I hadn’t so here ya go.

Actually, this ties in with what I was going to post about anyway. No, it’s not about #cockygate – that’s been talked about to DEATH and it’s everywhere on the net so I’m not going to rehash it here and give anyone more press. Not sure why I would think Chris Evans would bring up #cockygate maybe because of the word … gate? Hmm, maybe? No?

Moving on …

So I know I’ve been saying book 3 of the Dark Wolf Series is done and almost ready to be submitted annnnd – it is LOL. I think it’s probably going out next week (fingers crossed). That said, I  have also mentioned that I am researching for the next series, a steamy regency. Annnnd while that also remains true, I don’t think it will be the next series I write ugh.

As you know if you’ve been reading the blog, I am going to take part in a common elements romance project. I thought it would be a fun challenge to keep me busy until I finished researching and outlining the new series. Well … what had happened was … we received what are going to be our common elements this week – 5 things that each story regardless of genre had to have – and before we got them I tried to think up how I could write a novella that would tie into the Dark Wolf books and I was okay finding a way to tie them all together into that world when suddenly one of the elements threw a wrench into it.

So I thought, “Okay, I’ll write something new with ties to nothing.” But that was when a character from a previous short story said: “I know how you can make this work AND tie it into a series that you want to write.” So, I’ve decided that this next story will be a part of my Boudoirs and Broomsticks series. If you’re thinking “What’s that?” well, it’s the series I may have mentioned in passing as the witches books. The first story in that series was a short I wrote in the Time Out of Darkness anthology a couple of years ago.

Also, the common elements project was supposed to be short stories and since the initial idea was hatched it has now grown into a however long story you want to write. So, while I am still probably going for about 50k, I won’t worry if it grows substantially longer. Again, it’s not due for release until November 2019 so I have until at least June of next year to write it, edit it, get a cover done and have it all ready for release by November (yes, it will be available in ebook AND print).

So how does Chris Evans factor into all this? Well, he’s the inspiration for my hero. You know a regular guy from Massachusetts (which thank god for spellcheck because I cannot spell it for the life of me). I know what you’re thinking HE’S a regular guy? Sure, why not? Have you seen him in interviews? Sure he’s got an above average body when he’s playing Cap, but when he’s not he’s just really fit. So yes, regular guy from Massachusetts (I am going to learn to spell this really quickly, I hate that red line of nopeness).

I have an overall plotline for the story (yeah!) and I even have a title – which let’s face it, is probably one of my biggest issues when it comes to writing. I cannot title for shit. That said, I suppose I should announce that my next project will be called …


It’s a paranormal with witches in the world of SPELLBOUND and will lead into the trilogy – BEWITCHED, BOTHERED, AND BEWILDERED – yes I went there. And once again the series is called BOUDOIRS AND BROOMSTICKS. Yes, this is me laying claim to my ideas so no one can come and … well, I guess #cockygate has gotten to me. Whatevs …

This doesn’t mean the Regency will be forgotten about, I will still research it as I write this one and it will go into the rotation of stories I plan to write – and I promise the 4th Wolf book will be in there too.

This turned out to be a much longer blog than I intended. Thanks for sticking with me.

Until Next Time,

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