Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a bonus hunk day!

Pull up a chair, have some corned beef and cabbage and pour yourself a pint of green beer because coming at you are some of my favorite Irish actors …… Ready?

Colin Farrell:

I’ve had a soft spot for this “Bad Boy” for years. Since he first grazed my radar as Jesse James in American Outlaws, I’ve watched almost everything he’s done (good and bad LOL).  He’s matured in the last few years and has done some really great work on the indie scene.

Michael Fassbender:
Okay so Michael Fassbender is technically only half Irish – but hey so is my cousin and it counts! I think came onto the Fassbender train sort of late into his career only really finding him (ALL of him) in Shame.  Since then I’ve enjoyed his turns as Magneto in the X-Men series and I’m watching him on an old show from the UK called HEX.

Domhnall Gleeson:

A ginger! I’ve been of fan of Domhnall’s for years without realizing I was a fan of his … by this I mean I knew he was in the Harry Potter series and of course I know he plays Hux in the new Star Wars trilogy, but I didn’t realize I’d seen him in so many other movies like Dredd (the one with Karl Urban), About Time, & Ex Machina.

Colin O’Donoghue:

Hook! I HAD to add him in here, after seeing him on Once Upon a Time, I realized like Domhnall Gleeson I’d seen him before – he played a priest in a movie called The Rite.

As an added bonus – he SINGS!








Andrew Scott:

He’s probably best known as Jim Moriarty on BBC’s Sherlock, but Andrew Scott has had a varied career in theater and the big screen. Some of his credits include Saving Private Ryan and Spectre.

Aiden Turner:

Kili! Poldark! John Mitchell! I first saw Aiden Turner as Mitchell on BBC’s Being Human – it was from there that he had his big break getting the role of Kili and the world (or at least a large female portion of it) learned his name.






Celtic Thunder!
I adore this group they are really good and the music is just fantastic.  Here they are singing their signature song called Ireland’s Call.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!

Until Next Time,

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