Late as always

So I haven’t done a Wicked Wednesday post since St. Patrick’s Day, but I have good reason … I’m actively working on getting the final, I mean latest Benandanti book finished!

I’m about 2 chapters from the final rewrite edits and then I’ll have a read through to polish it up before it goes to Betas and being submitted to my publisher and hopefully accepted.

In the meantime I have been ALSO researching the next series which I will start once this book is off to the publisher. I’m very excited about this series, which is good because I write better (and faster) when the story excites me. If you follow me on social media you will see I’ve bought a vulgar language dictionary – which if I am being honest I thought meant dirty, but I forgot that vulgar in the regency period just meant more common – not there aren’t euphemisms in there, follow me to find out each week when I post a random word and its meaning. I’ll post more about the research part as I get to plotting and writing this one (SOON!).

My plan after writing that book is to plot the next Benandanti book which I can say will be Dante’s story – my High Alpha needs some love too and his heroine plays a minor part in this next book.  I hope you like her.

I will be going back and forth after that. The regency series is slated for 3 books and I think I have maybe 3 or 4 more wolf books – I’m not sure, I might combine two into one book.  After that?  Who knows? I do have a witch series that I want to write which is connected to my short story in the Time Out of Darkness Anthology and a contemporary series which is connected to The Second Time Around. So I don’t have a shortage of ideas, just a shortage of time – but I promise to make more of it.

Well I guess that’s all I have as far as updates go.

Until Next Time!!

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