It’s that time of week again …

It’s time for Wicked Wednesday!!!

Okay, so I totes wasn’t prepared and was rushing to figure out who to spotlight when I realized that I haven’t or haven’t in a long while (I’m not sure) talked about my Swedish hubby 🙂

So today’s Wickedness is brought to you by former bad boy vampire – Alexander Skarsgard.  Enjoy!

Nice no?  Good now on to a quick update …

So I went to Orlando MegaCon this past weekend, and I had a great time. I didn’t get any photo op opportunities (as the 2 I prepaid for both canceled ugh) and I didn’t stand in line for autographs – but we did spend the day walking the con floor and looking at some really great artwork and cosplay. I bought a really cool piece of comic art from an artist who does it all with spray paint – you can check out his facebook page here – it was a scene with Cap and Bucky (yeah I know it wasn’t Loki – surprise). I blame it on the fact that I have been binging Captain America movies the last few days. But the pic is already framed and ready to hang … somewhere … in my house LOL.

I will say that the Orange County Convention Center is amazing – it’s HUGE, a really big difference between MegaCon and NYCC is the amount of space you have to walk around. I wish ReedPop would do a con down here it would be GREAT.  That being said, now prep begins for NYCC, I’m keeping fingers crossed for some fantastic guests – tickets for that go on presale next week – wish me luck!

On the writing front, I’ve begun work on ENCHANTMENT – not as much as I’d like, but I am about 2k into it after writing for about a day LOL. I will say it’s not completely my fault – I somehow managed to wrench something in the back of my neck that is affecting my left arm. It’s slowly getting better, but it makes sitting and typing really uncomfortable.  Still, I vowed to write at least a page a day every day in June – that’s pretty doable I think. 

So I think that’s all for this week …

Until Next Time,

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