Crushing Disappointment

So here I was all ready to wax poetic about the excitement leading up to Orlando’s MegaCon this weekend. I had prepurchased not one but TWO photo ops with actors I was SO excited to meet.

Now my excitement has turned to disappointment – not one but BOTH actors have canceled their appearances on the day I was to be there.  Seriously??? Ugh.

There are a couple of other actors I may want to see so I might be able to make the day worth it. I usually enjoy cons but having two cancellations in the space of three days was just really disappointing.

Now I need to hang all my hopes on New York Comic Con LOL.

On the plus side Madam Tussauds here in Orlando has just opened up a Justice League exhibit and I am planning on visiting so I can molest Henry Cavill without getting arrested. HA!

On the writing front, the story bible for the new series is pretty much complete. Now the fun begins as I begin to write ENCHANTMENT. Time to watch me slowly descend into madness 😉

Oh, I do realize it’s Wednesday but I don’t have anyone wicked to share with you. I promise I will next week.

Until Next Time,

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