It’s Avengers Week

Are you a fan of comic book movies? I LOVE them!  And in all honesty I will say I like a certain studio’s movies better than the other. However, I will sit and watch both – I own movies from both – it’s just that one is slightly lighter than the other.

I will say I can watch shirtless Henry Cavill for HOURS – and I probably have – he’s a great Superman and to be completely honest and not such a horndog – I’ve actually watched fully clothed Henry Cavill for hours too so there! I LOVED Wonder Woman – it was like a dream come true to see her on the big screen and my 5 year old, running around in underoos, self had a blast watching it annnnd I will even admit to having a great time watching Justice League (though it needed MORE shirtless, angry Cavill amirite? … Just me? Okay moving on …)

However, my heart and my cash have unrelentingly gone to Marvel. I will admit I wasn’t a huge Iron Man fan – in fact I hadn’t seen Iron Man before moving to Florida and going to see Iron Man 2 with my brother and his family (we watched the first one on DVD before going to the movies to see #2) – and again admittedly I wasn’t completely bowled over – but I liked it. Since then, the movies have gotten better and better and by the time Captain America: The First Avenger came along I was in it for the good (Cap) and bad (Thor 2) and everything in between (Hello a talking Racoon?).

So now it’s come to this – 10 years and one HUGE movie that is everywhere. I’ve been doing Avengers week on Facebook – highlighting one character a day until Friday when the movie opens for everyone.  I started with Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and today put up Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Strange). Tomorrow it may be one of the Chris’s or Anthony Mackie, I’m not sure, but I will probably end the week on Sebastian Stan (Bucky). On my personal page I have threatened anyone who would dare spoil this for me, and am pretty much staying far away from anything related to the film. I want to go into this knowing NOTHING.

So, are you excited for this? Just meh? Are you a Marvel fan or does your heart belong to DC? Let me know.  

For now, I’ll be hiding under a rock – keeping busy with reading and researching the next book until I can go see the movie for myself 😉

Until Next Time,

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