And I’m Back!

Okay so it looks like I took the summer off – and can you blame me? All in all, I had a great one – I hit Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with my family for our annual vacation (15 of us all together for 7 days – yeah we’re close). It was gorgeous – right off the beach and a pool – we didn’t need anything. AND there were turtles!  Vero Beach is a nesting area for sea turtles so every morning they’d go into the nests to check for stragglers and release them – they were ADORABLE plus there was a release of two momma turtles that week as well – it was a lot of fun.

I really meant to take that week to work on Wolf book 3 but have I mentioned we were on a Beach Vacation? I did bring my laptop but didn’t open it at all – so now I’m behind. On the other hand I did make good headway on the new Common Elements Story, but even that has sort of fallen aside – I did get great feedback on the first 4ish chapters so that’s good, I plan on heading back to that soon and maybe finish it during NANOWRIMO in November – that would give me plenty of time to edit/rewrite/edit/find editor/find cover stuff … and then get it out :). We did get a logo though …


Isn’t it pretty??

Let’s see what else … oh! I recently celebrated a birthday and if you follow me on Facebook you’ll have seen me be really excited about a new tablet I received as a gift – and let me tell you, it’s not even the latest version of the tablet – I am just so excited that it has a keyboard (and it’s purple) so I can write while on the run (which should come in handy when I fly to NY for Comic-Con!). It’s an Android tablet made by RCA, just perfect for reading ebooks, surfing the net and watching movies – now I can also access my MS via Dropbox and edit or write via the Word app. It’s the little things that get me excited. I do need to purchase a case for it though LOL.

I guess that’s it for my check-in. I will update more as comic-con approaches.

Until Next Time,


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