Decisions … Decisions … I have made a decision …

Welp, I’ve come to a decision and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. After a lot of thought and honestly not a lot of work I have decided that for the time being and probably the foreseeable future the 3rd book in the Dark Wolf Saga is going to be retired and thus the series as a whole will be put on hold.

I tried to think about why it is so tough for me to go back to it to edit it again and honestly it’s because I’m not really excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, after 4 rewrites I’ve managed to get it to a place that I really like. I think the story is a good one, but the demand is not there. I do get emails from readers asking about it, but it’s been a few years since Beneath a Blood Moon has come out and the interest has waned.

I think a part of it also has to do with the fact that the publisher that did the first 2 books is no longer accepting novel length manuscripts which means that I have to shop the book around and though there was some interest, it meant that I had to completely re-edit the book again and this edit would have made the book less steamy which in turn would have made it stand out from its predecessors.

This doesn’t mean that the story is gone for good, it just means that it is gone, for now, a small hiatus if you will. This story would have lead into Dante’s story which would have lead into what would have been Covell’s story which would have lead into the final story in the series … whew!

Who knows, I may just self-publish them in the future. So you haven’t seen the last of the wolves.

Now with that out in the ether, it leaves me clear to finish the current MS and to go straight into the next series which I am very excited about. I think the heaviness weighing on me with the wolves was affecting my progress with poor Max & Noah and the citizens of Chadwick.

So that’s it from my little corner of the world I hope you all have a great weekend and if you can put out a little positivity for those in the path of Hurricane Florence, please do so.

Until Next Time,

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