Happy Hump Day

Or Wicked Wednesday as I like to call it.

Today’s Wednesday eye candy is a fantastic actor who is charming, handsome and best of all hilariously funny. He really seems to be enjoying his time in the Marvel universe as one of Cap’s best friends and confidants.

Ladies and gents today’s Marvel-ous (See what I did there?) feature is… Anthony Mackie!

Next up … Updates!

ENCHANTMENT is moving right along – I am taking my time with it – which means that I’m only a couple pages behind on my page a day challenge for June – but I am going to make that up tonight. If you follow me on social media you saw a small snippet from a scene I was working on.

As for the wolves, I am going to delve deep into that in July – I need to rework some things and I plan to do it on my beach vacation.

In other news I saw Jurassic Park Fallen World and it was FANTASTIC – I love the chemistry between Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt – but I’d pretty much watch Chris Pratt eat and be happy (come to think of it – I have LOL).

Next on the movie watchlist will be Ant-Man and the Wasp and I am SO ready for that. Of course, there are several other films I want to see like Tag, Hereditary, Ocean’s 8, & Book Club LOL so many movies so little time.

I guess that’s all from this week. 

Until Next Time,

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