Wicked Wednesday has returned!

This week I am going to feature someone I already mentioned in a Comic-Con post a couple of years ago. This week’s eye candy comes to via an actor from New Zealand who has featured in a lot of fun sci-fi/fantasy features (Spartacus, Arrow, The Hobbit, and lots more). Today I give you MANU BENNETT!

I was lucky enough to meet him quite unexpectedly at NYCC 2016 and he was fantastic! Really fun to talk to and was very “present’ in the conversation. It was a pleasure.

Now on to updates! So my page a day in June is chugging along – I’m only a couple of pages behind (in my defense there was Father’s Day and a BIG birthday celebration for my brother so I haven’t been writing every day). I have been trying to catch up though, and I think I’m making good progress on it especially since now I have a full on outline that I probably won’t follow to the T (cause I never do). 

You see, I was having a bit of a problem getting into the story, I knew the basic storyline but I had no real idea on how to execute it. So I took a couple of days to try to work through it all and you know what? It actually worked! I found things as I plotted through that actually made sense and connected everything in a way I wasn’t expecting and with that in mind I’ve actually made a lot of progress. I also realize that going into this I thought it would be a really cute short story and now I’m thinking it might be somewhere between a long novella or a short novel – still shooting for about 40k, but I’m thinking it might go longer – which really isn’t a bad thing.

Over on the Wolves side, I need to go back and edit (again – but it’s a good thing, I promise) – which, I am doing pretty slowly as I try to work on two things at once LOL. However, I have a family vacation coming up and it’s a beach vacation so I may just work on it while I work on my tan (and try not to get eaten by sharks – ahhhh Florida living).

Welp, I think that’s all for now. Originally this was supposed to be a very different blog – but I will probably save that topic for a different day and make that a semi-regular thing :).

Until Next Time,

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