Vacation all I ever wanted … Vacation have to get away ….

Did I just date myself with that title?  Did I give you an earworm?  Sorry, if it helps I now have it in my head as well LOL.

So to begin I’d like to ask that if there are pictures in any of these posts you’d like to share, please let me know.  Not all the photos I will share were taken by me and I’d like to be able to have you give credit where credit is due.  Also, I will be watermarking the pics, so if you’d like one without it I would be happy to provide it for you again all I ask is for credit.

That said, here we are at the first of four, maybe 5, posts about my incredible trip to NYC.  If you didn’t know, New York is my home.  The Bronx, to be exact.  Since moving to Florida I try to get back as much as possible.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet up with old friends and that is my one regret about the trip.

The last year and a half has been a pretty dismal one for me, from work problems to the death of one of my best friends it’s been pretty hellish.  So I have been looking forward to getting away from it all.

I was supposed to go to Comic Con last year, but circumstances prevented it (bad juju I swear it) and I missed out.  Comic Con has been on my list of things to do for forever!  I am a geek, a proud nerd and sci-fi fanatic.  So when the opportunity to go this year came around, I jumped at the chance.  I won’t talk about how ridiculous it is to get tickets, but the mere fact that I did when the tally for attendees was estimated at 180,000 is amazing, perhaps things in life were looking up?

As the con dates approached it seemed other things were working in my favor, not just guests who were going to attend the con, but other things on the days we weren’t going to be there.  Which leads me to day 1.

I am a HUGE Richard Armitage fan, I mean HUUUUUGE.  A few years ago he did the 24 hour plays in London and my friend Izzy (the one I lost last year) went and I think that she set out to meet him at an after-party just for me.  You have to understand, as much of a fan as I am of Mr. Armitage, Izzy was not.  Still, she managed to get a pic with him and sent it to me.

So, when I found out that he was going to do an Off-Broadway play in the fall I literally could not search for it fast enough.  Could I be so fortunate to be able to see him in the flesh?  The answer was yes.  I thanked God and Izzy, because I really think she was pushing for me.  Lord knows we needed something good to happen to us.  I mean, it wasn’t just me having a crap year but my entire circle of friends.

I immediately called my bestie and told her we NEEDED to get tickets.  She told me she’d take care of it as a birthday gift to me.

So off I flew to New York, where my streak of luck continued to hold strong.  You see I left, fled really, Florida a day and a half before Hurricane Matthew hit.  Had my ticket been leaving the following morning, I would have never gotten out and been stranded in Florida, missing Comic Con AGAIN.  So again I thanked everyone I could that my luck would hold out.

I arrived Wednesday night and the plan for Thursday AKA day one was to go to the Barclay’s Center during the day to check out the amazing Captain America statue that debuted at the San Diego Comic Con and is currently touring Brooklyn.  That night was the night to see the play.

My bestie, Charina, her daughter Stefi, and I all headed on the train from her home to downtown Brooklyn.  I’d forgotten what an experience riding the subway was.  I don’t miss it, but there is no better way to get around the city than the train.


Just a kid from Brooklyn


I must say the statue is AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS and apparently its measurements are modeled after Chris Evans … which led to lots of giggling as we checked out every aspect of the statue …I mean EVERY aspect.
















Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s a little bigger than life sized, at least that’s how it looked from the ground and staring up.  The detail on him is staggering, from the stitching on his clothes to the buckles on his shoes.  If you live in NY and haven’t had a chance to see him I urge you to run and check it out before he goes away.








Here is some detail of his face.  As you can see, while his body may have been modeled after Chris Evans, his face was not.  Still he’s not a bad looking guy.

After hanging with Cap, it was time to head home to get ready to go into the city to see Richard Armitage in his play Love, Love, Love.

Admittedly, I had NO idea what the play was about, didn’t even bother to Google it.  It didn’t matter what the plot was I was going to see it if it was about clowns staring into nothingness for two hours (which is a big deal as I HATE clowns).

Charina and I headed into the city and got turned around, she would be the first to tell you she’s got no sense of direction, and I seemed to have lost mine in the 9 years I’ve been gone LOL.  Luckily, we found the theater with plenty of time to settle in.

Going in we knew we’d be sitting off to the right, but what we didn’t realize was how close we’d be to the stage.  As we got closer, Charina kept looking back at me and asking if I was okay – she wanted to make sure I wouldn’t hyperventilate LOL.  We finally found our seats, 2 rows back and I was in heaven.


The show is in previews until later this month so I knew that what we were watching might change once it opens for good, but it was still amazing.  The cast includes Amy Ryan (Gone Baby Gone, Birdman, Bridge of Spies) and Alex Hurt (Grimm, Bull and who also happens to be the son of William LOL) – both talented actors with resumes that are varied and deep.  Ms. Adams plays the love interest while Mr. Hurt plays Richard’s brother.  The play takes place over the course of 40 years or so, beginning in the 60’s and ending in the mid 2000’s.  The children played incredibly by Zoe Kazan (Olive Kitteridge, What if) and Ben Rosenfield (6 Years, A Most Violent Year) are both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time.  The play has lots of parallels to what is going on today with families.  I laughed, was horrified and touched by all the performances.


Zoe Kazan


After the show ended we headed up to wait, of course we did.  Would you think me being the enormous fan I claimed to be waaaay at the beginning of this post wouldn’t?


Ben Rosenfield


Unfortunately we did not get to see Amy Ryan or Alex Hurt, they somehow dodged the crowd, but we did get to see Zoe, Ben, the director of the play Michael Mayer, and of course Richard.


If you’ve ever had a celebrity crush you can all but hope that if you ever get the chance to meet them that they turn out to be really nice.  Richard Armitage did not disappoint.


Richard Armitage


Not one person who waited didn’t get an autograph or picture or both and he was charming as he braved the chilly air and smiled through it all.

As he approached, I was nervous, don’t know why … well yes I do, I was about to meet Thorin Oakensheild, Robin Hood’s leather clad Guy of Gisborne, but most importantly the man that makes my romance writer’s heart flutter, John Thornton.  If you’ve never seen the BBC’s North and South, run, go watch it … right now.  I’ll wait until you come back …..

If you have seen it, well then you know Thornton is a Mr. Darcy type, and you cannot help but swoon.  My mind raced, my heart fluttered and then he was there smiling and I shyly asked for a picture.


My photo with RA, I cut myself out, but that’s my boob in the lower left LOL

He  quickly turned to Charina who was ready with my camera (NOT my phone this called for a good quality picture LOL) and with a wing and a prayer I smiled, he smiled and snap went the photo.  Then it was over, I’d met one of the men who not only inspires me, but will also be the basis of a character in a new series I am plotting (going back to my roots – historicals LOL).


It was a great start to what would be a great week.  I was on cloud 9 and I would not come down until I literally set foot back in Florida.

Next blog will be about New York Comic Con day one – thanks for sticking with me on this extra long blog.

Until Next Time,

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7 Responses to Vacation all I ever wanted … Vacation have to get away ….

  1. Another fabulous blog. I’m still so jealous you met the vicar’s husband 🙂 and fantastic pics!


  2. Guylty says:

    I found your blog post via a search for the keyword “richard armitage” and just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your account of seeing LLL in New York. Took me right back there (I flew across the Atlantic to see it, too). Always nice to be reminded of good experiences. Thanks for writing it up in such detail – and illustrating it with your pictures.


    • Amanda Jayde says:

      Thanks! I really did love the play and meeting him was the icing on the cake. A few days later we got to meet him for a second time at a panel he did for Berlin Station at the AOL studios. He was just as accommodating and nice as he was after the play.

      Thanks for the comment I appreciate the kind words!


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  4. Esther says:

    This was a lovely read! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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