Wicked Wednesday – 10/13/16 Edition

Well I am BACK from my whirlwind trip to NYC and let me tell you it was certainly a whirlwind trip.  I was busy almost everyday – we did get rained out one day because of Hurricane Matthew – but it was a much needed rest day where we basically vegged out on the couch in our jammies eating junk food and watching Netflix LOL.

So while I get myself together writing up blogs about Captain America statues, off-Broadway Plays, Comic Con and watching the filming of a Web Series, please enjoy this week’s Wicked Wednesday ….

It was pretty difficult figuring out who to choose this week, mostly because I have my trip on the brain whereupon I met several men who are the models for characters I will or have written (most notably Tom Mison who stars as Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow – he was the inspiration for Gideon in Spellbound, the short story I did in the Time Out of Darkness anthology – available in ebook and print).

However I did settle on someone who was inspired by 2 other people – One is Graham McTavish who stars along side him and the other is one of my best friends: Wendy.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday hottie is …….

Sam Heughan!

Sam plays Jamie Fraser on the hit Starz drama, Outlander (based on the books by Diana Gabaldon).  However, I first laid eyes on him in a Hallmark Holiday movie called A Princess for Christmas.  As a side note I am a SUCKER for the holiday romances Hallmark Channel does every year.

Back to Sam, it is easy to see why I chose him, whether in a kilt or out of a kilt (sorry no nudes but google it LOL) he is quite easy on the eyes.
js28013726-1 heughansam

I eagerly await season 3 of the drama – who by the way gets robbed every year at the Emmys (Hello, give Tobias Menzies an EMMY already!).  Sam’s character is both romantic and tortured (both literally and figuratively) so it’s easy to fall in love with him.  He’s a fantastic actor with a rich Scottish brogue and I can see him easily fitting into Cam’s clan in the Dark Wolf Series.

sam-heughan-just-jared-spotlight-04 beefcake-sam-heughan-as-jamie-fraser-47031866c3868d4009378077dadfb86d653

Welp, there you have it.  I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Until Next Time,

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2 Responses to Wicked Wednesday – 10/13/16 Edition

  1. I love this in more ways than you can imagine. He’s been my head the past week and the contemporary I wanted to write last summer. I’m desperate to write again. I need to have a goal of one paragraph a day until while I get the other life (teaching) settled. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to get one thing done. *mwah*

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