Who I Am ….. DNA Results are in

Well, I’ve finally received my Ancestry DNA summary and I have to say that they were VERY thorough LOL. In each of the categories, they have included a brief history on the people which is really informative.

 I am really happy with the results and slightly surprised at some of them – not really location wise, but percentages …. so sit back and here we go …….

The results are given alphabetically so that’s the way I will go as well

Africa – 20%
Frankly I expected more LOL – As a Puerto Rican I knew that the native people of the island were wiped out when Europeans came over with their slaves.  So I thought that looking at my particular family I had more African in me.

This was further broken up. 
4% is North African – Morocco, Algeria, Libya and the Western Sahara – however it also stated that this particular DNA can also be traced to Spain, Portugal and the Middle East.  I can see this especially as Morocco and Spain are so close.
16% are Trace Regions – Senegal (5%), Benin/Toga (5%), Mali (3%), Southeastern Africa, Cameroon/Congo & South African Hunter Gatherers were each less than 1%. 

America – 16%
This is what I really wanted to see.  The America portion covers Native Americans and Indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America.  So I was pretty excited to see such a high percentage considering the Taino people were wiped out. 

Asia -0%
Can’t say I’m too surprised there.

Europe – 63%
Here is where I was most surprised.  I expected it to be pretty high, but not this high.  Then again seeing less African I should have realized that this would probably be higher than expected.

Like Africa, this was further broken up and look!  More surprises LOL
26% is from the Iberian Peninsula – This is Spain and Portugal – no surprise here, Christopher Columbus and his men came to PR. So I expected this to be in the majority.
19% – Italy/Greece – Yeah, didn’t see this one coming, but maybe I should have old Chris Columbus was Italian so there is that.
9% – Great Britain – England, Wales and Scotland – I’m ENGLISH!!!! LOL well now I can say I have a genetic reason for why I am such an Anglophile. 
5% – Western European – Surprise again! – This includes France (another place I am dying to see), Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, etc. I really didn’t expect any of this to show up.
4% were Trace Regions.  Of these 3% is from Ireland! And the remaining 1% is European Jewish.  This is interesting as it includes countries like Poland and Russia.  Heh.

Alas I have no Scandinavian in me, but if Askars is around I’ll gladly take some … ahem ….. anywho ….. next!

Pacific Islander – 0%
No surprise here.

West Asia – < 1%
Slightly surprised that this showed up.  It’s only trace amounts, however it’s fascinating to know that somewhere down the line my ancestors came from Iraq, Syria, Jordan or Iran.  However upon further reading it seems like a lot of Jews from this area left for ….. Europe – so there’s a correlation between this trace amount and my 1% European Jewish heritage.

Well all in all I think this is really very cool and it opens a lot of questions and answers some too, I find it all really fascinating and can’t wait to share it with my parents and family.

Well, that’s all I have for now.  Until Next Time,

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2 Responses to Who I Am ….. DNA Results are in

  1. Ray Dean says:

    WOW… so excited!!!


  2. Simply awesome! I’m even more anxious to try it myself. 🙂


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