Oh, oh, oh, oh ohhhhh …. or How I relived my teen years

So I hope everyone’s weekend was fantastic!

Mine was ever so much fun, Friday night I got to be a 16 year old girl again.  My friends and I went to the NKOTB, TLC, Nelly – The Main Event Concert!  NKOTB as you may or may not know are the New Kids on the Block.

As a young girl growing up, I never went to concerts.  My first concert was a Menudo concert at the Rockland County Fair in 1988 – It was Ricky Martin’s farewell tour – I was 13.  The next concert I went to wasn’t until I was 17 or so – Paula Abdul’s Spellbound tour (I saw that one TWICE).  Then after that I didn’t go to another concert until I was in my 20’s.  So I missed out on screaming my head off for NKOTB.

The concert was FANTASTIC and it was more than middle aged women screaming over middle aged men.  I must say they still got it!  The music was fun (they have a new album out – it’s really good) and there was lots of old stuff (The Right Stuff, Hanging Tough, Please Don’t Go Girl …) to mix in with the new stuff (The Whisper, Block Party, The Remix).  If you have a chance I highly recommend going to see them – they put on a great concert.

Of the other 2 acts, they were fantastic as well.  Nelly opened the show and set the tone with a high energy set that got the crowd in the arena on their feet.  I was doubly excited to see TLC as well.  Though bittersweet with the absence of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, the ladies still put on a hell of a show and Lisa’s presence was felt as her voice echoed around us on pre-recorded tracks.

So for a little old and new here are 2 tracks by NKOTB :)\

Hanging Tough

Remix (I Like the)

Until Next Time

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