Writing Update

Well I am back from my family vacation (7 Day Cruise to the Caribbean) and it was fantastic and I am gearing up for my 3 day Annual Disney trip for my nephew’s birthday, but I wanted to give a little update on my writing.

I am STILL not done rewriting the third book, there’s a lot of reasons for it, but let’s just say that the muse is not cooperating at this time so I am going to shelve it for now.  That’s not to say I won’t ever get back into it because I will, but for now I think it’s better that I move on to something different.

So I’m going to jump into a contemporary that is 99% done – it’s so done, I’m currently editing it and will be publishing it probably very soon – like in the fall soon.

I hope to have a cover image soon as well and if you’re interested in the blurb it’s in the coming soon section right here – the story is called The Second Time Around and maybe it was the inspiration of the cruise and the sea and the sand, but I’m really excited about it and I hope you will be too.

Until Next Time,

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