RT days 3-5

What can I say about the convention that hasn’t already been said?  I can say I didn’t attend a lot of the panels or parties, but I did manage a few.

The usual hijinks occurred at the parties and they were okay for the most part, but since a couple of the people I was with weren’t registered for the convention the rest of us felt sort of bad leaving them out – instead we went out on the town ourselves and saw the sights.

The one class I do want to talk about is the comic book writing master class I was fortunate enough to attend.  It was incredibly informative and the gifts were CRAZY good.  Lots of comics, which for a geek like me was so much fun – including one that is almost impossible to find now written by Angela Knight (well under a different pen name) I also got to meet and talk to Rambo’s father – well the author who wrote Rambo Mr. David Morrell.  What an amazing man he is.  He recently wrote a Spiderman comic (which I now own and it’s autographed thank you very much).  We spoke for a good fifteen minutes on how to write a script for a comic book (I had no idea how it was done) he was patient and answered all of my questions with a smile.  He showed me some panels for an upcoming Wolverine comic he wrote so I could see how everything tied together.  It was an amazing experience.  Who knows maybe one day I will try my hand at writing comics – wouldn’t it be great to see my name as writer of an Avengers series or X-Men?

Another group of people I want to give a small shout out to are the very nice men and women who were promoting Necroelectric.  A new webseries that is going to premiere sometime this summer.  You can check out their youtube channel here.  Eric, Zach (who looked vaguely familiar to me – I went on to find out he was a child actor), Jen and Rina were all really awesome to talk to.  I wish them all great success on the webseries (I know I’ll be watching) and yes of course I have pictures of the guys (all in the name of supporting the show of course …)
eric_001 zach_001

Yeah being shirtless is a plus too – but don’t get me wrong these guys are more than just good-looking they were genuinely nice guys.  It seems sad that I am awed by that, but I’ve met my fair share of guys at these things who turned out to be turds in the end.

Well that’s pretty much a wrap.  I could tell you more about the small reunion we had, but hey what happens in NOLA stays in NOLA (sorry LOL).

Until Next Year, RT!


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