Amazing Ink ….

As I was on my way to getting published, I asked my cousin’s husband (who is a graphic designer) if he would come up with a marking to use on the cover of my books.  He did an AMAZING job coming up with not one but seven different designs.

I chose the one I thought was closest to what I saw in my head and submitted it to the cover designer.  Once I chose the marking I also went out and made temporary tattoos of them with the idea that I would eventually get it tattooed on me.

Well I still haven’t gotten it tattooed, but one of my very best friends surprised me in NOLA when she showed me the GORGEOUS wolf tattoo she’d gotten and there on the side of the artwork was the familiar tribal marking that I had chosen.

I was both awed and flattered that someone had liked it so much they would now wear it forever.

Thanks Rose!


Until Next Time!

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3 Responses to Amazing Ink ….

  1. As having seen it in person, I can say it’s absolutely beautiful!


  2. Anne Clark says:

    That is gorgeous Rose! WoW is all I can say..


  3. Rose Germano says:

    You’re welcome girlfriend! I’m glad you like it. Your books and the marking inspired this tattoo.


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