Fanfare …

Of the Olympic sort.

I love the Olympics, I love to watch and root for the various countries.  I love to see the competitions, root for the little guy and stare in wonder at how years of training can either end in success or defeat (sometimes painfully).

My favorite things to watch are the opening and closing ceremonies.  The pagentry, the sometimes over the top spectacle.  This year I’m doubly excited because it’s London, which is on my bucket list of places I’d like to visit.  I remember watching 4 years ago and the opening ceremony in China and just being awed by it all.  Amazing. I wonder what London will be doing to try to top it.

My favorite sports to watch have always been Gymnastics – both male and female.  I remember watching in 1996 and seeing Kerri Strug stumble and injure herself only to make that vault again and win gold.  I remember crying (I am SUCH a sap) as Bela Karolyi carried her to the podium.  It was history I watched and I was proud and excited. 

I also love the diving and swimming competitions.  I remember seeing Greg Louganis hit his head on the board and being scared for him or watching Michael Phelps set a record for number of medals won.

What are some of your favorite events and memories?  Will you be watching as the world unites and competes?

Until Next Time,

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