Been Gone a While

And I’m sorry for that.

I WISH I could say I was writing like a fiend, however …. that’s sadly not the case.  I do intend to begin writing like a fiend this week.  I’ve made promises to myself that included having at least 3 books out this year (or 2 books out and one in production) sooo I need to get crackalackin on that.

Book 3  of the Dark Wolf Series is pretty much plotted out and I’m excited about it, I just haven’t had the desire to write it, I guess I’m not that excited … LOL.  So it looks like that won’t be the book submitted.  I do have the contemporary that I need to edit so I think that’s the one I am going to concentrate on mostly. 

Let’s see ah yes, yesterday was my birthday and I had a wonderful time … so much so that I think I’ll do a birthday giveaway.  What am I going to give away?  Well you’ll have to check the contest page here to see ….

I guess that’s all for now.

Until Next Time,

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1 Response to Been Gone a While

  1. missraye says:

    write… write now! and then edit… and then submit… hmmm ‘submit’ interesting word choice… but DO IT! How are we going to get something to read if you don’t write it? hmmm?


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