Another Post on Inspiration

I have the most fabulous group of ladies that I am fortunate to call friends.  In fact I have several and a lot of them fall into different groups, such as friends I grew up with (who are more like family than friends), then there are my school friends, my best friends and so forth and a lot of time the groups tend to intermingle and you get a different grouping of friends.

The particular group of friends I am speaking about today are the ones I “talk” to daily.  Talk is in quotes because we don’t actually hear one another.  We’re spread out around the eastern half of the country (except one who is in Hawaii) and we speak via email, text and facebook – everyday … really.  These are the women I bounce ideas off of, these are the women who make me laugh, they have pushed me and lifted me when I thought I was done.  These are the women who have taken each step of my journey towards publication with me.  These are also the women who when I have a crazy idea – push me to go for it and write it then pile ideas onto me … and I love them for it – even when I know there aren’t enough hours of the day for me to actually get everything I want done.

Which leads me to inspiration.  In a post yesterday on facebook we went off on a wild tangent which has lead to an idea for a new series for me.  Normally I wouldn’t think too much of it, but then last night I put the TV on and what did I see?  Well it’s one of my all time favorite movies:

Pride and Prejudice.  And it was this version too!  There is nothing like Jane Austen and no better Darcy & Elizabeth than Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. 

So onto the new story.  It’s not paranormal and it’s not contemporary.  It’s not fantasy and it’s not Sci-fi.  It’s not western and it’s not young adult … so what’s left? 


If P&P wasn’t a sign, I don’t know what is.  Kookie as it is, I like to listen to signs the universe gives me.  So, I decided to go for it.

Yup, I will be plotting a historical series.  I won’t put details here because I am that superstitious to not announce anything until I have it plotted and sold LOL.  What I will say is that it will probably be regency era, though it would be easier for me to write Victorian, because as a Civil War reenactor I know much more about that era than any other. 

However, I love the whole regency era, the clothes, the manners, the facade of stuffiness, and I do so love a good steamy regency, as proven by my reading tastes (Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn, Teresa Medieros … and sooo many more). 

So I will try my hand at writing a few sexy roguish men and the ladies who will steal their hearts.  After all, with inspiration like Colin Firth, getting into the mood of things should be pretty easy.

So thanks to Mr. Firth and my friends for all the inspiration, I hope this series turns out to be as good as we’re imagining it to be.

Until Next Time,

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7 Responses to Another Post on Inspiration

  1. So excited!! I love historicals!!


  2. Ray Dean says:

    Waving from Hawaii! Very excited that you are inspired!


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