Do a little dance … make a little love …

Get down tonight …

Yeah I’m in a good mood ….

I know I promised to have RT pictures up by now, but I’ve been a teensy bit busy.  Book 3 is now plotted and I have begun to write it – not too much though because …

DARK MOON RISING is now in PRINT!  Yes, many have asked for it and now with BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON almost here, book 1 is now available for anyone who doesn’t have an ereader or if you just like to have a print copy.  It is currently available on the createspace website as well as amazon, and shortly it will be available at barnes and noble and other stores where if you don’t see it on the shelf, you can order it and they will get it for you :).  Links to purchase it are on the book’s page here and if you still want a copy for your ereader, well it’s still available at Liquid Silver books, Amazon, Barnes and Noble & iBooks as well as many other online retailers.

Also, if you send me a copy of your receipt (ebook or print) or send me a picture of you holding my book, I will send you swag (don’t forget to send me your address).

Book 3 (tentatively titled The Howl of Thunder) is going to pick up immediately where Beneath the Blood Moon ends.  This one is looking as if we’re going to delve more into the Benandanti and how they work and we won’t see the Malandanti as much – or so it seems, we’ll see as I go on writing because I can never predict where the story will take me no matter how much I plot it. 

I’m also editing my contemporary.  It’s a steamy (erotic) romp that takes place on an island resort and the hero and heroine are ex-lovers who are trying to just get some closure – or so they tell themselves LOL.  This story has been in the works for 6 years now.  I started writing it, shelved it then picked it up again.  I’m hoping to have it ready for submission by mid- summer (crossing fingers).  It needs a lot of work (and a new ending LOL).

I think that’s the lot of what I have going on – Don’t forget MONDAY MAY 14 – Book 2 of the Dark Wolf Series will be released. 

Until Next Time!

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