…And I’m BACK!

Okay so I know I promised a rundown of RT, but I’ve been neck-deep in final line edits for BTBM so I haven’t had a chance.  However, I promise to get that done ASAP (probably tonight for posting tomorrow).

Sooooo good news is, I think I’m really done with edits.  It’s funny but no matter how many times you go through your MS you still manage to find tiny mistakes.  Thank goodness for good great editors!  Next on tap is getting my trailer all set (woot once again with the FANTABULOUS Circle of Seven Productions) then just waiting the 2 weeks until the book is released (GAH)

I’m also getting things in gear to release Dark Moon Rising in print.  I’ve had a LOT of requests for it so I’ve decided to go ahead and release it.  Hopefully it won’t come out too far behind BTBM 🙂

So now I’m at that stage where I have one book done and finished and going out and the convention is over and I’m at the floaty weird feeling again.  So, what have I decided to do?  PLOT of course. 

I’ve decided that while I edit my contemporary and take a reading break (I am SO behind on several series it’s sad) that I will plot book 3 of the Dark Wolf Series.  I hope this means that I will get started on Niko and Rebeka’s story a lot sooner than I thought.  I have some good ideas, I just need a little extra something (Like a title LOL) and a couple of twists to throw in for good measure.

I do know that this book might not have a “Bad Guy” per se, so I don’t know how much of Benural and Covell we’ll see, but you’ll definitely feel their presence in everything our heros do.

Well that’s all for now,

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