Today is the day

You would think this being my second new novel and my third release day (if you count the print version of DMR coming out as a release day) that I wouldn’t be as nervous and excited as the first time – excited maybe, but nervous? 

Well nerves and excitement are both here full force.  I love writing and being able to share my stories with everyone, it’s a real pleasure.  I wish I could say I was doing something really exotic or relaxing, but the truth is, I’m at my day job and though it’s a fantastic place to be, the beach or poolside it’s not LOL. 

But the truth is, if I have to spend the day working, this is one of the best places I could be.  The only place better would be back home with my best friends. 

In honor of release day I made cupcakes for my office …

Werewolf cupcakes!  The ears came out slightly wonky making them look more like bears but I say they’re wolves LOL.

I’m still thinking on what to do to celebrate release day, but be sure to watch my facebook page and twitter to see what I come up with.

Enjoy everyone!

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