Up from the cave

The writing/editing cave that is.

I’ve finished my first round of edits with my editor.  I cannot begin to explain how daunting it is to edit a book that’s been corrected and read by someone with the expertise to point out ALL your mistakes.  You go through a whole set of emotions from embarrassment to self-doubt to resignation to confidently going through your baby.  It’s a fantastic tool though because I think as a writer you never really see your writing the way others do and you finally see how often you use words and phrases (or lack of punctuation SMH LOL).  Each time you go through it you learn more about your writing and you learn to look out for certain things.   In DARK MOON RISING my favorite word was nod – lordie lordie did I use that a lot … in BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON my word du jour was smile LOL.  What can I say?  They were a much happier clan LOL! 

Thanks to my editor Chrissie, I’ve toned it all down and it is a much tighter, better flowing book that I hope you’ll all like.

In other news, promo is done for the Romantic Times Convention in 2 weeks.  I have ordered new trading cards for BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON and some cover flats as well, so I hope if you’re going to be there, you’ll come find me.  I’ll also have a limited number of cards and flats from DARK MOON RISING as well AND I’ll have tattoos too 🙂

If you won’t be there, but would like some promo items, please email me, I’d be happy to send them along.

Until Next Time!

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