I have COVER ART!!!

So just a quick update, I’ve recieved first edits from my wonderful editor so I’m working on those feverishly.  Making tweaks here and there and just tightening the story a bit – I say THANK GOD for editors who make you sound better than you thought you could 🙂

Last night after going through a few chapters … okay it was one chapter – I get so distracted easily LOL – I checked my email on my phone before heading up to bed and what should I see, but an email from April Martinez, cover artist extroidinaire!  She had draft 1 of my cover ready for me to see.

I held my breath and waited for the picture to show and ….. immediately fell in love.  I ADORE my cover!!

Soooooo you want to see it?  Well check out the page for BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON by clicking here.  I hope you like it as much as I do!

Until Next Time,

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