Quick Update

Soooo I submitted Book 2 in the Dark Wolf Saga to my publisher for consideration and I got a request for revisions back. So I revised and resubmitted today. Fingers crossed, I’ll hear something within the next couple of weeks and have good news.

In other news, editing of the new book is underway and BOY does it need work LOL. What was I thinking? It should take me a couple of months to get it to where I think it should be then it’s off to my beta readers for their feedback and pointers and then I will decide what to do with it. I was thinking of submitting it to a couple of other publishers just to see if I can get more attention, the other consideration I was thinking about was self-pubbing it. I haven’t quite decided yet though.

Lastly, coming up the pipe is another contemporary, the 3rd book in the Dark Wolf Series will be plotted and hopefully begun by mid-summer to Fall, I will be releasing DARK MOON RISING in print as well and there’s a collaboration with a new website that I am involved with where I’ll be writing a serial.

Lots of good things coming in 2012 I hope!

Until Next Time!

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