Inspired By…

When I write I like to keep a file or two on who I imagine my characters would look similar to.  I would keep them on a file on my harddrive, in a binder AND on dropbox LOL – yes I like to save various places because I’ve lost lots of things due to falty equipment.

Now with Pinterest, I am able to share my vision with anyone who cares to see it.  It’s a fun way to give a little insight into my head.

If you’re interested, you can see the casts for DARK MOON RISING here and the cast for BENEATH THE BLOOD MOON here.  I’ll be adding to them as I think of things or go back to my notes.  My Pinterest site also houses, copies of my covers and things I come across that I think are funny as well as random inspiration and eventually inspiration to things I’m working on.

I hope if you don’t follow me yet, you’ll check in once in a while and leave me a comment 🙂


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