And I thought stirrups were bad

Gynocology in the 1800’s.  What do you suppose he was doing?  Looking is not an option obviously LOL.

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4 Responses to And I thought stirrups were bad

  1. Charina says:

    lmao!! How awkward!


  2. Raye says:

    Thomas Weathers regretted… deeply… the slip of hand that dropped his father’s pocket watch down the daring décolletage of Margaret Atherton’s gown.

    However, he was wont to believe that she wasn’t nearly so ‘put-out’ as she seemed to be at his attempts to retrieve said item.

    Later, as he lay writhing in his sick bed, the doctor was puzzled at the distinct markings of a slipper sole near the front closure of his breeches. Thomas was unable… or perhaps unwilling… to share the true cause of his discomfort.

    Ah, the mysteries of medicine!


  3. Amanda Jayde says:

    Raye that was so good LOL!!!


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