Happy Halloween

So I thought I’d give you a little treat.  Just a short excerpt from something I’m playing with. 


Maryton Village, May 1693

I am sitting here alone in the darkness with only a small candle for comfort as I await my punishment.  Come morning, the village elders will come for me and take me to the gallows.  I never should have been so careless nor relaxed.  However, I believed, truly believed what befell the innocents in Salem Village would never have happened to me or mine here in Maryton.

I can hear the cries of the wolves outside and I feel their loneliness.   I can still taste freedom in the cool crisp spring air and beyond the musty dampness and stench of rotting food in my prison here in the Reverend’s shed the scent of the flowers in my garden wafts in through the cracks of the door. 

The Reverend.  Thomas.  My betrothed.  He means well, but he too has fallen in with the madness of the village.  Still, he brought me quill and parchment so that I may write my thoughts.  He prays I may confess.  He believes it will save me from eternal damnation, but my soul is clean and with that knowledge I accept my fate.

I am not angry.  I will not curse the village or my accusers as they believe I will.  I am not what they have judged me to be.  We are not evil.  The ones who have planted the seeds of distrust, they are the evil ones.  We are the protectors.

My candle is slowly dimming so I must write quickly.  I have looked into the sky and into the mirrors to see what fate may bring.  I see no hope for me; I will hang as my sisters did.  The village will suffer as the evil ones come into power. 

But all is not lost.  For Rebecca saw this in a dream and prepared for it.  I shall die, as did she and Elizabeth, but we will live on.  They believe they have won, but I know better, we all did.  There will always be a protector.

So for now, I must say farewell.  I can only hope that whomever shall read this will one day believe in my innocence. 

~Abigail Rosemont


Abby heard the tinkle of the bell above her door and carefully tucked the old piece of parchment back into her family’s book.  Wiping her cheeks she cleared her throat and jogged out of the back room where her office was located. 

She ran head first into a massive chest and, as strong hands steadied her, stared at the gold colored badge for a moment before she looked up and found herself staring into the eyes of the man who betrayed her almost 320 years ago.

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1 Response to Happy Halloween

  1. Raye says:

    dun dun dun… love the cliff hanger at the end… 300+ years of betrayl? bound to be sticky *wink*


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