Feeling Floaty ….

As you know, I finished my MS about a week ago (woot) and I decided to take a week off before I jumped in to edit and rewrite and such … I expected to clear my mind, get some distance from the story so I can hit it again with a better understanding.  What I didn’t expect was to feel like a slacker, almost like I’m missing something.  You’d think I would have felt this way when I needed to finish the book and I was doing everything BUT writing LOL.

I suppose after about a year of working on it (on and off) it’s like I’m lost with nothing to do.  It’s like when you were little and you’d have company over (usually cousins or friends) and you’d spend all day having fun and playing and then after they’re gone you feel a little lonely.

This has never happened to me before so it’s a little strange LOL.  Anywho, my self-imposed break is almost over, I decided to read during it.  I haven’t read a book in MONTHS and I haven’t read a paperback in over a year LOL.  I’m enjoying it – even if in the back of my mind I feel like I should be plotting – It will all happen soon enough, I guess, and then I’ll be going on and on about how crazy busy the characters are keeping me.

Until Next Time,

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