Zip in …….

And out … but first I’ll give you a little something 🙂

“Close your mouth girl, you’ll catch flies.”

Rhiannon jumped with a squeak of surprise.

Grant laughed softly.  “He does look striking in his traditional kit does he not?”

She cleared her throat and when nothing came out she cleared it again.  “I guess.”  She said, trying to sound nonchalant and knowing she failed miserably.  She focused on the man beside her and realized he was dressed exactly as Cameron was.  She looked around the room and noticed all the men of the clan were dressed like him.  She waited to see if their appearance would affect her the same way, but she felt nothing.

“And he wears it in the traditional way.”

“What do you mean?”

“What does a Scotsman wear under his kilt?”

Rhiannon shrugged.

Grant’s grin broadened.  “Nothing but the skin he was born with.”  She gaped as he laughed and stepped away from her.  “Cameron,” he called out.  “It’s time to go.”

Cameron nodded then saw Rhiannon standing by the door.  He gave her a slight nod before seeking out his sister.  Bridget spoke quickly glancing once at Rhiannon.  Cameron frowned slightly then inhaled deeply and shook his head.  He placed a quick kiss to Bridget’s cheek which was unexpected by the look on her face.  Logan said something that made Cam smile.  He spoke to the couple then patted Logan on the shoulder before leaving them to make his way toward Rhiannon.  She felt his gaze like a caress as it travelled up her body and to her face.  She blushed, wishing she had something fancier to wear.

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