Writing is hard …

Especially when you haven’t done it for a while LOL.

I suppose writing is like a muscle – when you don’t exercise it, it gets all weak and it’s just that much harder to get moving again.

I haven’t written much of anything the whooooole summer and yes I can make excuses for not doing it, but the fact is no matter the reason I just didn’t write and I am waaaaaay behind where I thought I would be.  Sure I have a fantastic house now, with an amazing office buuuuut still no writing means no finished book 😦

That all changed yesterday when I opened my MS for the first time in months and reread the last 15 or so pages I had written and realized it wasn’t as junky as I thought it was LOL.  I did do a major rewrite of what was there, but only because I realized I had written a scene that was already written some 4 or 5 chapters before … DOH!

I wrote for a couple of hours which is a good start, I am hoping to get some more in today and finish this chapter (My muse has said sex should be inserted – pardon the pun- so it should be a good smooth writing session) the end of the book has been on the horizon for some time now and at this point I think both the muse and I just want it done so we can get to editing and to the other story on the backburner (not to mention that serial that’s coming up).

Thanks to everyone who is sticking by me and waiting patiently for Rhiannon and Cameron’s story.  I hope you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Until Next Time,

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2 Responses to Writing is hard …

  1. missraye says:

    inserted or injected 😀


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