The End


I really thought this would be the story that would not end … it would go on and on my friend … some people starting writing it not knowing what it was, and I continued writing it forever, just because (repeat) LOL

So is that song in your head now? (it is in mine)

Yesterday I finished the MS to the sequel to Dark Moon Rising and it only took a year … ugh.  I really am not that slow of a writer (I swear) but I had a few obstacles thrown my way in the shape of hospital visits and then I moved and so finding time to write was really difficult. 

Beneath the Blood Moon now begins its editing stage – well MY editing stage.  I get to go back, reread it and tighten it up before it goes off for submission. 

So what’s next? 

Well there’s an MS that is 95% done that I want to finish – technically it IS finished I just want to write a new ending to it.  It’s called The Second Time Around and it’s a steamy contemporary that features a very yummy Native American Hero and a Hispanic Heroine.  Add to that a couple of fun secondary characters and a vixen as the villain and we get a story I hope you’ll like.  I hope to have that done by at least the end of the year (meaning written, edited and submitted)  After that is another contemp that I want to finish and then I’ll get back to the wolves 🙂

Also, I’m on Google+.  Come find me (linkage is available both on the home page and my “Where’s Amanda” page.

That’s all from my end … Until Next Time,

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1 Response to The End

  1. Raye says:

    yeah, you ROCK…. can’t wait to see it in print!!! keep writing!!!!


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