Techie Thursday?

Eh who knows what I will call this, but I got to thinking yesterday that every now and then I will blog about something that I have found helpful in writing.  Whether it be a blog, a book or a site.

Everything I will post about is something I have either purchased or it was given to me.  If it’s something I heard about but haven’t tried I will make sure to put that out there as well.

So today’s product is …*drumroll* … The Writer’s Brainstorming Kit!

So, I cannot say enough about how much I love this kit.  It is a LIFESAVER.  I used it when I was coming up with some blurbs for covers a grapic artist friend of mine was doing (Hi Maida!)

What You Get:
Hardcover Book
Set of 50 Cards

Cost: $24.95 (link to buy is above)

So basically this is how it works.  You shuffle the cards and then depending on what your needs are for your particular story, you deal out the number of cards you need. 

The book does a good job of explaining how to use the cards and it also has the definitions and suggestions for all the cards in each segment.  These are broken into 2 sections: Character and Plot.  For character you get: Role/Pursuit, Goal, Motivation, Traits, Internal Conflict, External Conflict and Growth/Realization.  In Plot the main segments are: The ordinary world, The Trigger Event, The Change of Plans, The Black Moment, and The Resolution.

The suggestions for each card are so varied that something is bound to click for you.  I found that I can pick the same card for both Hero and Heroine when trying to come up with a trait but not have them be carbon copies of each other.  The only limitation to this kit is your own imagination.

I highly recommend this for the times when you feel like you’ve hit a wall, or when you have a good idea for a story and are having a little trouble fleshing it out.  Or if you just want to write something in a different genre and haven’t got the slightest idea of where to begin.

Until Next Time

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