It’s March …Madness

And it’s Tuesday so of course I should tease you … but today’s tease comes in the form of … a contest!

Yes my very first contest and this one is going to be sooooo verrry easy all you have to do is answer a really easy question …

Winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to the online bookseller of their choice, whether it be Barnes & Nobel, Books A Million, Borders or Amazon.

Winner will be chosen by random from the comments below.

Okay so ready for your question …
Where does my hero in Dark Moon Rising decide he has to go back to?

The answer is somewhere on my site 🙂  Winner will be chosen March 31.  Good Luck!

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8 Responses to It’s March …Madness

  1. Janine says:

    to study the Apennine wolves in the Italian Alps


  2. to study the Apennine wolves in the Italian Alps!!

    Great promo btw :D!!!



  3. Raydeen says:

    Goin’ to the Alps, baby!

    Italy… lots of good food and beautiful women…

    to study the wolves… and maybe a beautiful woman…


  4. Beth Price says:

    To the Italian Alps


  5. Julia Miller says:

    To the Italian Alps!! Love it…! 🙂


  6. cindy zavala says:

    The Italian Alps


  7. Yesenia Ortega says:

    The Italian Alps, Did I Win?


  8. Jacqueline Fontanez says:

    The Italian Alps


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