Sooooo I was getting ready to pretype a few posts recapping comic-con and I saw that I had not one but TWO posts sitting and waiting … this one was from April (hee)

So as you wait for my Comic-Con recaps and since the new Last Jedi Trailer has been released, here is my new/old Star Wars Post – Sorry about that …..

It’s a Star Wars Celebration ….

Anyone who knows me, knows there are three fandoms I love, one is Marvel, one is The Young Riders and the last, my OG fandom is Star Wars.  I have loved George Lucas’ world since I was a wee little girl watching Empire and Jedi in the theater, I was too little to see the original New Hope in theaters though, but I remember watching on TV whenever they aired it.  Also, my very first piece of written fiction was Star Wars Fan Fiction. I read all the books (before they retconned them all and made them non-canon) and I watch the cartoons (Rebels!).  I LOVE Star Wars, I mean I REALLY love it.

So when they announced many moons ago that Star Wars Celebration would be in Orlando this year I was really excited, however, I couldn’t find anyone who would attend with me so I assumed I just wouldn’t go.  That all changed when one of my very best friends came down for spring break.  We had gone to NY Comic Con together in October of last year and met Carrie Fisher, so I was telling her that Star Wars was coming here too and when I showed her the site, I realized it coincided with her trip.  We found out tickets were still available and on a whim decided to go last minute.

Reed Pop does an amazing job putting together cons.  They handled NYCC as well as this one and though they had a few hiccups with getting everyone in on the first day as well as the second, the con itself was amazing.  Amazing enough that if and when it is held in Orlando again, I will be going, even if I have to go alone LOL.  The guest list was amazing, original trilogy actors as well as the new ones, cartoon voice over actors and even people who work behind the scenes.

The cosplayers were fantastic, not only those who wore traditional star wars outfits (Lots of Slave Leia’s and some really great Ahsoka Tano’s) but the crossover cosplays were great – Jedi Deadpool anyone?  The dedication and attention to detail of each costume was a joy to see, and if that wasn’t enough, they had fan made vehicles like a life size tie-fighter, a speeder bike, an AT-AT and a snow speeder.  It was amazing!

Because we went last minute all of the autograph and photo ops that we wanted were sold out.  And most of the panels were full.  Luckily, they streamed everything to the main floor and Disney recorded them and made them available via Youtube as well.  If you have a chance go watch them, they’re fantastic.  There is tons to see there, and the Orange County Convention Center is the perfect venue to hold it all.

One of the highlights of our day there was watching The Last Jedi panel on the show floor with thousands of other fans – we couldn’t hear anything, but the anticipation to the reveal of the teaser trailer was enough to keep us all together.  The roar that went over the venue when they showed the teaser was deafening, it was all very surreal.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to one of these I highly recommend it.  It is a love letter to the fans from the actors who appreciate it all and it’s a love letter to the actors from the fans whose hearts they’ve touched.

Until Next Time!


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