Ugh … I really really am a terrible blogger.

I know it’s been a REEEEALLY long while since I last blogged, it’s just I’m never sure if anyone wants to hear the mundane aspects of my life, so I don’t share.

Maybe, if I can do something weekly that would help.  I used to do some kind of hunk share – I can do that again.  Wicked Wednesday perhaps?  I can do a whole slew of them ahead of time LOL.

Still writing book 3 of the wolves – well actually rewriting and even that was put on hold so I could work on something else – the good news is that the new thing is done and is currently going through revisions and beta reading, the bad news is it is taking me FOREVER to do it LOL.

I am really hoping to get this done before year end and get something out to you this year so I can go back and finish book 3 of the wolves and begin a couple of new things I want to work on.  My problem is motivation is at an all time low.

I am excited that I will be heading over to Fan Fest this weekend here in Orlando featuring cast members of The Walking Dead and Arrow and some other shows.  The proceeds will go to the Pulse charities so it’s for a good cause and I hope that it will jump start some of the old creative juices again.  I’m excited to meet some of the actors (especially John Barrowman woot!)

Also this weekend one of my besties is coming to visit for a couple of days – so we’ll be going together – Wendy is one of the other writers on the anthology I did, she’s an amazing writer as well, so we’ll do a lot of talking about writing and other more naughty stuff – I assume some boring things will filter in to our conversation as well .

Then in a few weeks I will be heading up to NYC for their Comic Con – So more celebrities and I am even going to a show starring one Richard Armitage and if you know me, you know I love me some RA.  I’m hoping for a stage door meet at that one (It’s on the bucket list).

Soooo lots of good things coming up, hopefully inspiring more blog posts and of course more writing.

Until Next Time!

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