Pleasant Surprises ….

Yes I know, it’s been a loooooong while and really I have no excuse other than to say life has been really crappy for me the last year.

My real, bill-paying job has pretty much sucked for the last year or so.  I’m not happy there and trying to find a new one has proven frustrating to  say the least and I lost a very good friend suddenly last summer.  This has led to a pretty depressing 12 months for me where even thinking about writing has been too much.

That is not to say that I haven’t had some good times.  Just a few days ago, I became a great aunt to a beautiful baby boy.  He really is the cutest baby ever (but I may be a bit biased).

Anyway, the point of this post is how a random, small thing can really make your day (or year) and put some wind in your sails.  Case in point:

I was scrolling around Goodreads, a site I haven’t been on in AGES, not only haven’t I written, I also haven’t read much, but I digress…. I decided to poke through and check my page when I suddenly see that there are reviews posted – REAL reviews … from people I don’t know LOL.

I have to say, it made my day 🙂 and it is pushing me to finish what I’ve started.  So thank you to anyone who has ever written a review or an email or left a comment – I sincerely do appreciate it, especially when doubt creeps in and you start to think no one cares, or no one is picking up your book.

I hereby do solemnly swear to give you at least one book this year (but I’m hoping for 2).

Until Next Time,

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