Time Lords reading Time Travel … what?

Well hello good readers!

I forgot to come by and tell you that an actual time traveller was checking out the time travelling anthology I’m in.  How about that?

And not just any time traveller but an honest to goodness Doctor…. go ahead say it … Doctor …. Who?


It’s the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann!!!

About a week ago, one of my besties and fellow anthology author Sheila Clover-English found herself over at the Cincinnati Comic Expo where she was promoting our book.  Also there was the fantabulous Paul McGann AKA the Eighth Doctor.  Sheila remarked that Mr. McGann was gracious to his fans and an all around fantastic human being and he even posed reading our book!  How cool is that?

So I haven’t said it in a while, go ahead and pick up a copy yourself.  It’s available via ebook AND print!  Check out the book’s page here for linkage!

Until Next Time!

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