Terrible blogger checking in …

See I am just a horrible blogger it’s been 2 weeks since my last post, I wish I could say it’s because I have been burning up the screen finishing my book – alas it is not.

It’s been a mixture of real life getting in the way and utter laziness LOL.

That’s not to say I haven’t been working on my book, I have, it’s just not as dedicated as it should be… blah.

But I have also been doing a lot of….research.  I am still loving Game of Thrones, the show is really good (and I mean besides the man candy of course) I love the young actress who plays Arya, she’s absolutely adorable and fierce at the same time.

I also just bought season 3 of True Blood on blu-ray.   I LOOOOOVE the blu-ray editions of the show.  I have season 1 on DVD and I remember watching it thinking it’s okay but I expected more in the way of extras – well they’re all on the blu-ray.

There’s commentary which I LOVE, plus the enhanced viewing option which gives you hints about what’s going on, flash forwards and flashbacks through the various seasons and my favorite part of the enhanced viewing, comments from the characters as the show goes on.  In season 3 we get comments from Jessica, Andy, Alcide (yummm) and Tommy.

I am also neck deep in summer shows – with GoT ending it signals my favorite summertime passtime – watching True Blood (woot) then there’s the reality TV.  So You Think You Can Dance has begun and I have a couple of favorites so far (the top 20 has yet to be announced though) and my newest fascination Platinum Hit.  Dancing and songwriting – It speaks to the failed broadway artist in me LOL.

I’m also gearing up for school – my admission process is almost complete.  I need to go in for an advisors meeting and do some testing.  I am so not looking forward to being tested, I haven’t done any math work since 1995 or so LOL.  Wish me luck.

Well that’s all from this end.  Until Next Time!

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2 Responses to Terrible blogger checking in …

  1. Raydeen says:

    i ALWAYS wish you luck.. but i don’t think you need it… you ROCK and they’ll see that and tap you to be the head of EVERYTHING 😀 just ’cause… 😀


  2. Best of luck in school, that is so great! True Blood is such a hit too, it’s like acceptable vampire porn! Ha! Ha! Keep us posted on your book! We love you!


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